Bounty Board Guide in AFK Arena 

Bounty Board Guide in AFK Arena 

Hello AFK Arena Players! Today, we bring you a guide on the bounty board, which is basically a few tasks that you need to do in order for you to get some rewards. This can be done in the dark forest after you have completed 3-21. The players will be able to dispatch the heroes on some quests in search for rewards. Some of these rewards include gold, diamonds, essence and soulstones. 

Now that you have a brief idea of how this works, let us begin!

How to play?

The first step of completing the bounty board is to choose a quest that you would want your hero to take. Once the heroes choose their quest and complete it, they will gain the rewards that they have been searching for. 

Solo quest vs Team quest

There’s two different kinds of quests in the game. The first is a solo quest and the second is a team quest. Solo quests happen when you use your own army, while team quests require a joined effort between different players. 

Important things to keep in mind

Now, let us go over some important points you should keep in mind while you are playing the game.

In some quests, you need to choose particular faction heroes because there may be level requirements that you need to meet before you begin the quest. 

You cannot go through more than one quest at a given time. 

If you want to refresh the solo quests that you have not started yet, you can do so by spending diamonds. Another alternative is to wait for it to get refreshed automatically. 

Every day you will get a new team quest, which can also be delayed to the next day in case they are not completed in time. 


In conclusion, we hope this guide has helped you gain some clarity on how to go about the bounty board so that you can gain as many rewards as you can and bring a lot more value to your game. Keep these points in mind while you are playing the game. In the meantime, happy gaming and check our other afk arena guides like our afk arena tier list and redeem codes!

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