Mercenary Guide in AFK Arena 

Mercenary Guide in AFK Arena 

Welcome back to another AFK Arena guide. In this one, we will cover mercenaries, a system to borrow the heroes of your friends and allies in the game. You can then progress in the game better with this. If you loan a hero, you will get 10 points for compassion. So keep reading if you want to gain compassion points and also loan heroes of other players. Without further ado, let’s begin. 

Mercenary Description

This feature is unlocked when you have successfully completed chapter 6-40. You will then be able to borrow the heroes of your friends for a little while. It can get you through a level that you are stuck on and get you through to the next one. You can send your friends a hiring request for you to be able to get their hero. They can choose to decline the request if they want to. You will be rewarded with 10 companion points every time you give your hero to a friend, and can earn fifty total every single week. 

When your friends have accepted your request, you can use their heroes to help you win the king’s tower, twisted realm, arcane labyrinth, faction towers and campaign stages. You can hire up to three of your friends’ heroes in one week and only send five requests at one time. You can only use one mercenary per battle. 

When you get a victory, you can’t use a mercenary to help you in the game until the next week. 

If you get defeated, you can keep using the mercenaries. Do not forget to check out the AFK arena tier list, it will help you drastically.


If you request for a hero immediately after the reset, you will probably get your request accepted. The mercenary equipment is the best equipment of your five heroes. It is a good idea for you to make sure your equipment is good too. 


In conclusion, this is everything you need to know about how to request a mercenary and give up yours for a loan. It is a nice way to form bonds with other players and hence you should try to accept others’ requests like you would want yours to be accepted. We hope this guide was able to give you some enlightenment on how to go about the mercenaries. Do not forget to check out afk arena redeem codes for free diamonds and heroes. Happy gaming!

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