Alchemy Stars Old Seal Guide

Alchemy Stars Old Seal Guide

Having the stronger Aurorians on your side will help you win the match. Your main goal is to recruit as many six-star Aurorians as possible in order to form the best team possible. If you proceed further, you will get the old seal that lets you get the six-star Aurorians named Legendary Aurorians. Here, we will discuss the old seal and provide you with a guide to assist you on your journey.

What exactly is the Seal?

The old seal is a game system that is unlocked after completing the story and some quest series. It allows you to have strong characters in your team, which will allow you to easily win the game because they have strong properties.

When you start the game, you will see the main menu. Below are fainted items that are locked and can only be unlocked as you progress through the story. So, how do you get these items?
These items are referred to as the old seal, which we mentioned earlier, and you can unlock them once you progress from stage 7 to 14.

Recruitment of Old Seals

When you unlock the old seal and enter the menu, you will see four different characters. These characters have six stars, indicating that they are legendary, and each one has a unique element among the four.

Legendary Aurorians are distinct because they have attained the highest level of ascension. You will only need to upgrade to reach their breakthrough level. The following are the available positions:

  • Requiem, which is a Thunder Element based recruitment
  • Regal, which is a Water Element based recruitment
  • Mythos, which is a Forest Element based recruitment
  • Frostfire, which is a Fire Element based recruitment

Old Seal Recruitment Quests: There are five quest stages available for the various Legendary Aurorians. To complete the requirements, you must first log into the game. So, if you want to proceed to the old seal, you’ll need to complete the Recruitment quests. These quests can be found on the menu.

Old Seal Recruitment Restrictions

As the quest progresses, there is a switch that allows you to select another legendary Aurorian. However, there are limitations to these things, which we will discuss further below. When you switch characters, the quest will be reset and you will have to start over. As a result, it is critical to remember that you should think about it before completing time-consuming quests.
Rather than wasting time on other characters, the best practice is to choose one Aurorian in the Old Seal and then try to complete the quests.

Sometimes you’ll have a team concept in mind with mono attributes, so you can decide on additional elements that fit them perfectly, and then choose an Old seal Aurorian.
Legendary Aurorian from the Old Seal are fantastic in battle, and your team will be stronger than ever. It is preferable to examine these characters before making a decision.

How to Quickly Unlock an Old Seal

As you are already aware, the old seal requires you to unlock Stage 7, so the first thing you should think about is rushing through the levels as quickly as possible. Another thing to think about is logging in to the game for at least 10 days.

This is done to expedite the levels that require a certain amount of energy or are simply known as prisms. These prisms are required to complete some levels, so if you log in for about 10 days, you should have enough for these levels.

Other important things to remember are that Legendary Auroras have a cap of four and can be obtained all at once. Don’t worry if you get the wrong character; you can always choose the next one as your favorite or reroll it. To avoid this mistakes it is best to check Alchemy Stars Tier List.

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