Black Clover Mobile Reroll Guide

Black Clover Mobile Reroll Guide

The world of mobile gaming constantly evolves, and with “Black Clover Mobile” stepping into the limelight, there’s a buzz about the art of re-rolling. While it might seem like a term borrowed from a bakery, re-rolling in the gaming sphere is all about optimizing your gameplay. I

It’s the process by which gamers, like you, can acquire top-tier characters without shelling out a fortune or waiting an eternity. Here’s a crisp walkthrough for those who are dipping their toes into this realm for the first time, or even for seasoned gamers looking for some clarity. After you are done with rerolling, we recommend that you redeem all Black Clover Mobile codes and check out the Black Clover Mobile tier list and beginner guide.

Setting Up for Rerolling

Starting your journey in “Black Clover Mobile” is pretty straightforward, but there’s a trick to set the stage right for a smooth re-rolling experience.

Download the Game: It seems like an obvious first step, but here’s a twist – use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPNs help mask your location, which is especially handy if the game hasn’t hit your region’s store yet.

Account Creation: When you launch “Black Clover Mobile” for the first time, consider opting for a guest account. While linking the game to your social media might seem tempting (because who doesn’t like an extra bonus now and then?), a guest account will save you loads of time in the rerolling process. It’s like trying on outfits in a store; you wouldn’t buy every outfit you try, right?

Age Restrictions: A tiny hiccup you might face while setting up is the game nudging you for your birthdate. The catch? Players above 18 are free from spending limits. So, if you’re planning to get a tad spendy in-game, make sure to keep that age bar above 18.

Navigating the Initial Gameplay

Alright, so you’re in the game. It’s a whirlwind of colors, options, and characters shouting for your attention. Fear not! Let’s break this down so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Tutorials and Cutscenes: Like any seasoned gamer, your finger might itch to skip these, and you’d be right in doing so. However, don’t go on a skipping spree just yet. Some tutorials hold the key to unlocking vital game features, so keep an eye out.

Unlocking Features: As you meander through dialogues and familiarize yourself with the in-game world, you’ll notice a plethora of features unlocking. Among these, the one that’s the crown jewel for re-rollers is the initial offer of 23 summons. Think of these as your golden tickets in the world of “Black Clover Mobile.”

Getting Into The Action: Your first steps will involve following in-game prompts, visiting markers, and conversing with Non-Playable Characters (NPCs). A handy feature to speed this up is the Quest Tracker. It’s like your GPS, guiding you through the game’s storyline.

Battles and Skillsets: The game will soon pit you against opponents. Now, remember, the first battle might not be in your favor, and that’s okay. It’s all part of the narrative. Post this minor setback, you’ll encounter a riveting cutscene leading to the protagonist’s awakening. This will be your first introduction to the game’s combat mechanics. Pay attention to the “Breath of Darkness” Skill Page. It’s your early bread and butter in battles.

The Real Battle Begins: With your newfound powers, you’ll embark on a journey battling foes, exploring terrains, and understanding combined attacks. But the most important bit? Once you’ve flexed your combat muscles, you’ll return to the town, and that’s where the magic happens – the summoning feature unlocks.

Understanding Summons

“Black Clover Mobile” isn’t just about the usual hack and slash. It introduces a fascinating element – summons. While they might sound fancy, they’re essentially your ticket to recruiting dynamic characters to your roster. Here’s a lowdown on what these summons are all about:

Basics of Summons: Think of summons as a lottery ticket. You’re attempting to draw some of the game’s most sought-after characters to bolster your team. And much like lottery tickets, you sometimes win big, sometimes not. But here’s where it gets interesting.

Types of Summons: Not all summons are created equal. You’ve got your standard ones, the ones that come by often. And then there are the premium summons – the ones you’d trade your favorite snack for. These are the rare characters, the game-changers.

Summon Currency: To initiate a summon, you’d need a currency, and in the world of “Black Clover Mobile”, they’re called “Grimoire Leaves”. Keep a keen eye on them; they’re more precious than you think.

Rerolling Process

Ah, the art of rerolling. It’s like being handed a second chance at that all-important lottery ticket. But in the gaming context, it means getting another shot at those premium summons. Let’s get you comfortable with the reroll mechanics:

Why Reroll? Rerolling is that “something else”. If the characters from your summons aren’t up to your expectations, rerolling is your way to try again.

Steps to Reroll:

  • Head to the game settings.
  • Locate the “Account” section.
  • Opt for “Change Account” and switch to another guest account. This step resets your game progress but keeps the hope alive for a better summon.

Optimizing the Reroll: Here’s a hack not everyone will tell you about – the first set of summons usually takes longer since it’s interwoven with the storyline. But as you familiarize yourself with the game, you can potentially trim down the time it takes to get to the summons.

Deleting and Starting Over

Sometimes, rerolling can test your patience, especially when the desired characters seem elusive. At times like these, it might just be easier to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Here’s how:

Cleaning the Cache: Before you get to deleting, a simpler step might do the trick. Head over to your device settings, find “Black Clover Mobile”, and clear its cache. This often resets game data, giving you a fresh start without the cumbersome un-installation process.

Full Reset:

  • Delete the game from your device.
  • Re-download it from your app store.
  • Launch the game, and voila, it’s like you’re stepping into the world of “Black Clover Mobile” for the very first time.

Key Characters for Reroll

In “Black Clover Mobile”, the landscape of gameplay drastically shifts depending on the characters you manage to summon. It’s a tad similar to putting together a puzzle, where each character fits a unique slot. Dive in to understand the value of each of these significant players:

Asta: Asta, with his anti-magic sword, is nothing short of a phenomenon. His primary strength lies in his ability to nullify magic attacks, making him invaluable against magic-heavy opponents. But don’t rely solely on him; he still has some vulnerabilities to physical damage.

Yuno: The wind mage, Yuno, contrasts with Asta perfectly. His wind-based attacks offer long-range capabilities, enabling you to tackle foes from a distance. He’s the ideal pick when strategizing for battles that demand spacing and positioning.

Noelle Silva: A royal with exceptional water magic skills, Noelle can be the linchpin of your defensive strategies. Her abilities offer a mix of attack and protection, making her versatile for both offense and guarding your team.

Luck Voltia: If speed’s what you’re gunning for, Luck, with his lightning magic, is your go-to. He can blitz across the battlefield, taking down foes before they have time to react. But remember, his swiftness can sometimes come at the expense of defense.

Mimosa Vermillion: Often sidelined but integral to any team, Mimosa specializes in healing and support. Her magic rejuvenates allies, ensuring they last longer in prolonged battles. Underestimate her, and you might just find your squad running out of steam sooner than you’d like.

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