Gauche Adlai Build Guide and Talents Black Clover Mobile

Gauche Adlai Build Guide and Talents Black Clover Mobile

Rarity: SR

Role: Attacker

Type: Technique

Squad: Black Bulls


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Tier Rating: B

Gauche Adlai Info

Gauche Adlai is an SR Attacker character in Black Clover Mobile that is from Black Bulls. Gauche Adlai is Technique type which is strong against Power type characters and weak against Sense characters. Currently, he is rated as a Tier B character, so feel free to use him on your team until you get better characters.

There are a lot of different pieces of equipment, skills, talents, and team combinations in Black Clover Mobile. Not all of them are great for Gauche Adlai. Down below, you will find all the information that you need to have the best build and talents for Gauche Adlai.

Gauche Adlai Skills

Reflect Ray

Fires a ray of light from a mirror at an enemy, dealing damage. 50% chance to launch Extra Attack on an enemy, dealing 30% of ATK and MATK as extra damage.

Reflect Refrain

Fires a rays of light from several mirrors at an enemy, dealing damage. If self has a Buff, performs an Extra Attack, dealing damage equal to 50% of self’s ATK and MATK to an enemy.

Full Reflection

Fires a powerful ray of light from a giant mirror at an enemy, dealing damage. Upon landing a CRIT, launches an Extra Attack and deals damage equal to 90% of ATK and M.ATK to an enemy.

Combined Attack

Performs a combined attack with partnered mage, dealing damage to an enemy. Attacks after granting 30% Increased Damage Dealt if an enemy is taking Continuous Damage.

United Attack

Deals damage to all enemies with a coordinated attack of light beams and flames. Grants the partnered mage and self Increased CRIT Rate Lv. 2 for 2 turns.

Gauche Adlai Talent Build

Attack Talents:

Sharp Mind: [DMG Dealt] +5%
Increased CRIT DMG: [CRIT DMG] +10%

Defense Talents:

Increased DEF: [DEF] +20%
Endurance: Grants [DEF] +4% and [CRIT RES] +2% at the start of a wave. (Stacks up to 5 times.)

Support Talents:

Swiftness: Grants SP +11 upon having less than 2 SP(s) at the start of a turn.
Increased DMG RES: [DMG RES] +10%

Gauche Adlai Gear

There are a lot of different gear and sets in Black Clover Mobile, and there is a high chance that you will not have any that we recommend, so you can use the best gear that you have with the correct stats for Gauche Adlai that are below.

  • Main Stats: MATK

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