Blox Fruits Barrier Guide, Tier and Combos

Blox Fruits Barrier Guide



Money: 800,000
Robux: 1250


Stock Chance: 8%
Spawn Chance: 7.8%

Tier Rating: B

Barrier Icon:

Blox Fruits Barrier icon

Barrier is a Rare natural-type fruit in Blox Fruits. It is a inexpensive and simple to obtain Barrier fruit. It costs $800,000, or 1250 Robux, and has a 8% chance of being in stock, so you can get it any time. It has a spawning chance of 7.8%, so there is a high chance that you will find it while playing.

The barrier is a fun fruit to use in Blox Fruits. With this fruit, you will be able to lock down players in the palace for a short amount of time and sometimes even bug them so they will not be able to move at all. It is also decent for raiding, where you will control and stun NPCs while other players deal damage. You can create some good combos with Barrier, but the downside of it is that you will not be able to deal some insane damage. If your gold is to deal as much damage as possible, it is better to get other fruits. 

Check out the list of best fruits if you want to see how good other fruits are, and do not forget to redeem all blox fruit codes for free rewards.

Blox Fruits Barrier Moveset

NameKeybindMas Requirement
Barrier WallZ1
Surprise AttackX45
Barrier PrisonC90
Barrier TowersV130

Blox Fruits Barrier Combos

What combo you will use depends on your in-game situation, who you are fighting with, and what you want to achieve. It is best to spend some time testing all possible combos, and by doing that, you will learn how to use what works best for you and also how to counter it. So go and test Barrier in a game.

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