Best Fighting Styles in Blox Fruits Tier List 2024

Best Fighting Styles in Blox Fruits

Fighting styles in Blox fruits are one of the weapons that you can use but instead of katanas and guns, you will use your body and fists to fight. There are a lot of different Blox Fruits fighting styles in the game but not all of them are that great.

There are some fighting styles that are simply overpowered and they will dominate over all other fighting styles. So it is important to know what are the best battle styles available in the game that will help you progress and dominate other players.

Criteria for Ranking

To rank the strongest fighting styles in Blox Fruits, we took into consideration the following factors:

  • Damage potential
  • Combo potential
  • Availability and cost
  • Evolution options
  • PvP and PvE effectiveness
  • Skill level required

Blox Fruits Fighting Styles Tier List

Tier S – Overpowered: Superhuman, Death Step
Tier A – Balanced: Sharkman Karate, Electric Claw, Dragon Talon
Tier B – Slightly Underpowered: Water Kung Fu, Electric, Dragon Breath, Dark-Step

Dark Step

Dark Step is a kick-based fighting style that can be learned from the Dark Step Teacher for 150,000 bellies. It is ideal for new players as it has good combo potential and all of its moves are AOE. Dark Step can also evolve into Death Step later in the game. While it is not the strongest fighting style, it is a solid choice for players looking to build their skills.


Electric is an electricity-based fighting style that can be purchased from the Mad Scientist for 500,000 bellies. It is a great choice for low-level players because of its C move, which is AOE. It can also stun bosses, making it useful in both PvE and PvP. With Electric Floor upgrade and Third Sea access, Electric becomes even more powerful.

Water Kung Fu

Water Kung Fu can be bought from the Water Kung Fu Teacher for 750,000 bellies. It has excellent range and a hitbox, making it a solid choice for grinding. Water Kung Fu is a completely AOE fighting style, and all of its moves can be aimed in any direction. It can also be upgraded to SharkMan Karate, which is even more powerful.

Dragon Breath

Dragon Breath is a fighting style that can be learned from the Sabo NPC for 1,500 fragments. It is a great PvP fighting style and has decent combo potential. Dragon Breath can be evolved into Dragon Talon, which is even more powerful, making it an excellent choice for experienced players.

SharkMan Karate

SharkMan Karate can be purchased from Dagrock the SharkMan after giving him a water key and having Water Kung Fu at 400 Mastery. SharkMan Karate is a great choice for combos because its moves are easy to hit. It has a high combo potential because of its range and damage. SharkMan Karate also has a faster M1 than Water Kung Fu.

Electric Claw

Electric Claw is a follow-up to Electric and is useful in both PvE and PvP. Its fast click speed and easy-to-hit moves make it great for building combos. With Electric Claw, you can use each of its moves for travel and damage. Although it’s not the strongest fighting style, it’s worth investing in for its versatility.


Superhuman is a fighting style that specializes in speed, stuns, and knockback. It is great for PvP and requires 300 Mastery on multiple fighting styles to obtain it. Superhuman has high combo potential and moves with small, medium, and large ranges. While it is not the easiest fighting style to obtain, it’s definitely worth it for its effectiveness in battles.

Death Step

Death Step is a leg-based fighting style that can be learned from Foe Reformed. It is an evolved version of Dark Step and requires 400 Mastery on Dark Step along with 2.5 million belly and 5000 fragments to obtain. Death Step has the second-best combo potential due to its C move which has a long stun and high damage. It’s an excellent choice for PvP and bounty hunting because of its range, damage, and great combo potential.

Dragon Talon

Dragon Talon is an upgrade to Dragon Breath and requires a fire essence from random surprises bought from Death King at Haunted Castle in Third Sea, along with 400 Mastery on Dragon Breath, 3 million belly, and 5000 fragments to obtain. Dragon Talon has an extremely big hitbox and AOE with insanely huge damage. It’s rated third in PvP, with God Human being the strongest.

God Human

God Human is the evolution of Superhuman and requires 400 Mastery on multiple fighting styles along with 5 million belly, 5000 fragments, and various items to obtain. It has enhanced god-like attacks, greater speed, stuns, and knockbacks, making it the strongest fighting style in the game. Although it’s expensive and difficult to obtain, it’s worth it for its op4 PvP and high damage.


Using fighting staples in Blox Fruits is not for everyone. It is extremely hard to master it and be good at it. While these 10 fighting styles are ranked based on our criteria, it’s important to note that each player may have their own preferences and playstyle. It is important that you test your own battle styles and see what works best for you and your skill. After you found a fighting style that you will use, you should look for the best devil fruits in Blox Fruits, and do not forget to redeem all codes.

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