Best fruit for grinding/farming in Blox Fruits

Best fruit for grinding farming in Blox Fruits

You must pick the appropriate fruits when playing Blox Fruits. It’s important to choose a fruit that fits your preferred gameplay style and preferences because each fruit has a different set of advantages and disadvantages.

If you are a new player, your top priority should be to try and obtain fruits that you can use to farm. So that you can advance more quickly and obtain even better fruits in the endgame, we will cover all the best fruits that you can farm in this guide.

Best fruit for grinding

  • Chop Fruit
  • Ice Fruit
  • Dark Fruit
  • Rumble Fruit
  • Smoke Fruit
  • Flame Fruit
  • Magma Fruit
  • Dough Fruit
  • Venom Fruit

Chop Fruit

When trying to level up quickly, Chop fruit is a fantastic option. It’s immune to sword attacks so it is great when you are fighting NPS that are using swords. You cannot be hit by them. Additionally, its bomb rework makes it a powerful weapon for grinding the C and V skills.

Ice Fruit

For those who want fruit with respectable cooldowns and damage, ice fruit is a good option. You can walk on water with Ice Fruit, which is one of its key features. Having one of these will come in handy in a variety of circumstances, so make sure you have one. In boss battles, its stun can be helpful. Because it is simple to farm, it is great that it is affordable if you want to buy it.

Dark Fruit

While dark fruit is similar to other elemental fruits, it stands out because of its good skills. Although its damage may seem low is great for farming in the first or second sea. The problem with this fruit is that it is quite expensive so there are better options. But if you need fruit for grinding this is an excellent choice. 

Rumble Fruit

Blox Fruits Rumble icon

A great fruit to have is rumble fruit. It has a ton of stuns and deals insane amounts of damage. It is fantastic when you reach the end of the game, but it is quite expensive; therefore, there are some more affordable options that are also simpler to farm.

Fruit Smoke

Smoke fruit is a fantastic option for those looking for fruit to grind after it has been reworked. Its infinite F skill only requires 10 Mastery to unlock, and thanks to its quick cooldowns and respectable damage, it is a strong candidate for the game’s second-best F skill. This fruit is wonderful because it is simple to obtain and affordable as a result, making it accessible to all players. So try to get it if you’re a new player.

Flame Fruit

Blox Fruits Flame Icon

Flame Fruit is still a good option for those looking for a logia fruit with respectable skills and cooldowns, despite the fact that it is an honorable mention. It has a respectable AOE, short cooldowns, and good burn damage. It works really well for taking down NPCs.

Magma Fruit

Magma fruit makes an excellent grinding tool. It’s a great option for killing NPCs thanks to its burn damage and quick cooldowns. One of the best in the game is its F skill. Additionally, using the F skill prevents damage from NPCs. It is perfect for new players because it is simple to use.

Dough Fruit

Blox Fruits Dough icon

Dough fruit is available for grinding after becoming an elemental fruit. It is a contender for one of the game’s top fruits thanks to its 3-0 skills and decent damage. The normal isn’t terrible, even though the conversion is much better. Because it needs raids to awaken, it is better suited for players in the second sea.

Venom Fruit

Although it’s also an honorable mention, Venom fruit is still worth mentioning because of its insane damage and short cooldowns. It can make grinding simple and is enjoyable to use. For players in the first or second sea, it’s a great option. The only problem with this fruit is it is hard to get so you will have to put in some effort before you start grinding.

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