Blox Fruits Best Fruits Tier List Roblox May 2024

Blox Fruits Best Fruits Tier List

Blox Fruits Tier List will help you in choosing the best Fruits in the game. There are so many different Fruits in the Blox Fruits game that you can get and use but not all of them are so great. There are some fruits that will dominate over other ones while there are some that are not worth using. Each one of the them will give you different abilities and boosts so it is important to know what are the best Fruits and what are the worst ones. 

When you are choosing what fruits you will use depends on a few factors like your in-game progression, goal, what fruits you have, etc. If you are like most players who do not care about factors you can use Tier S and Tier A fruits from Blox Fruits Tier List.

They are the best in the game and you can not go wrong with them. They will give you the best return on your time and effort. When you reach the end game you have to stay away from fruits that are Tier C and below because they will not give you enough power that you will need to dominate.

Tier System and grades

Tier S – Overpowered
Tier A – Balanced
Tier B – Slightly Underpowered
Tier C – Underpowered
Tier D – The Worst

Blox Fruits Best Fruits Tier List

FruitTier RatingType
Bird: FalconBBeast
Bird: PhoenixS+Beast
Spring DNatural
Leopard S+Beast

Portal Fruit

The Portal Fruit is primarily sought after for its incredible teleportation ability, allowing you to travel effortlessly across the game world. It’s an excellent permanent fruit to have in your arsenal, as you can equip it anytime and teleport to your desired location with ease. In addition to its teleportation prowess, the Portal Fruit is also reasonably effective in PVP with its easy-to-land combos.

Dragon Fruit

The Dragon Fruit is a formidable PVP fruit, offering powerful abilities with considerable damage output and quick execution. Its transformation, which requires max Fury, grants increased damage resistance and the ability to fly permanently while spamming abilities. Mastering the Dragon Fruit can give you an edge in PVP battles, making it a popular choice among players.

Magma Fruit

The Magma Fruit is a fantastic choice for hunting Sea Beasts, as it can walk on water and deals incredible single-target damage. It also offers decent mobility and can hold its own in PVP when used correctly. The Magma Fruit’s ability to help you accumulate wealth quickly by hunting Sea Beasts makes it a top choice for many players.

Leopard Fruit

Primarily a PVP fruit, the Leopard Fruit lets you deal massive damage with a simple three-move combo. While it’s not the best fruit for grinding and PVE content, its PVP capabilities are unmatched, earning it the fourth spot on our list.

Love Fruit

The Love Fruit has recently undergone a rework, which has significantly improved its performance. This fruit is excellent for comboing, and its moves flow smoothly, making it an ideal choice for players who enjoy fluid gameplay. The Flamingo Ride, a toggle ability, allows you to use other abilities while flying around, giving you an undeniable advantage in battles.

Blizzard Fruit

If you’re a fan of spamming abilities and having fun, the Blizzard Fruit is perfect for you. This fruit excels in factory raids, PVP, and Sea Beast grinding. However, keep in mind that if spamming abilities isn’t your style, this fruit might not be the best fit for you.

Spirit and Rumble Fruits

Taking the eighth place together, Spirit and Rumble fruits offer unique advantages. The Spirit Fruit deals massive damage, and if you manage to land a single freezing ability, your opponent is as good as defeated. The Rumble Fruit is excellent for both fruit users and sword users, boasting impressive stuns and a triple teleport ability for quick escapes.

Gravity Fruit

The Gravity Fruit, with its unparalleled mobility and powerful abilities, is a popular choice among Blox Fruits players. It allows you to levitate and fly, granting you an edge in avoiding enemy attacks. With its powerful Meteor ability, you can take out multiple opponents in a single blow. The Gravity Fruit is ideal for players who want to dominate both PVE and PVP encounters.

Phoenix Fruit

Earning the top spot on our list is the Phoenix Fruit. This fruit boasts incredible healing capabilities, allowing you to regenerate health rapidly, giving you an unmatched advantage in battles. Its powerful abilities, combined with its self-healing properties, make it the perfect fruit for both PVP and PVE scenarios. It is also the most sought-after fruit in the game due to its unique features and versatility.

About Blox Fruits Tier List

There are a lot of factors that we took into consideration while testing all the fruits in order to create the best Blox Fruits tier list. Some of the factors were out of control but they had no impact on the tier list because you will be impacted by them while playing the game. 

Each tier list is debatable so the Blox Fruits Tier List is also. If you do not agree with some of our ratings please leave a comment down below so we can discuss it. 

Blox Fruits tier list will help you in choosing the best Fruits in the game so you can become a more powerful player but that does not mean that you should not test each fruit on your own. By testing them on your own you will get a general knowledge about the game that will help you dominate and become a more skilled player. If you are a new player you do not have to worry too much about Blox Fruits Tier List, just play the game and enjoy it.

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