Blox Fruits Best Game Passes 2024

Blox Fruits Best Game Passes

Blox Fruits is a big game that has a lot of different things and activities that you can do, but it also has a lot of different battle passes that you can purchase. Some battle passes are extremely good while others are so bad. The problem is that they are all quite expensive, and you have to spend real money to purchase them.

So in this guide, you will find all the info that you need to know about battle passes and what battle passes in Blox Fruits will give you the most value. We advise you not to waste money on the game, but you are going to be extremely careful about what you purchase. We have a lot of different guides, so feel free to check out the Blox Fruits best swords, How to Get Fragments, and Blox Fruit codes

Game Passes

Game Passes Blox Fruits

Fast Boats

Fast Boats is a game pass that costs 350 Robux, and it can be quite helpful for beginners or mid-game players. However, once you defeat the Andrew boss and unlock the teleport feature, this game pass might lose its appeal. It doesn’t increase Mirage’s spawn chances, so if you’re considering it for that reason, you might want to reconsider.

Sea Buddha

The usefulness of the Sea Buddha game pass depends on your playstyle. If you frequently switch between fruits, this 450-Robux game pass can be a real asset. But if you stick to one fruit throughout the game, as I do, it may not be as valuable. In any case, you can easily earn money passively in Blox Fruits, so spending your Robux here may not be the best investment.

2x Boss Drops

The 2x Boss Drops game pass, priced at 350 Robux, is best suited for end-game players who seek rare drops from difficult-to-spawn bosses. I had to buy this game pass to get the Gods Chalice from Elite NPCs during the race B4 obtainment process. If you’re still in the first or second sea, it may not be worth your Robux, as bosses tend to respawn relatively quickly and are easier to find.

Dark Blade

Dark Blade, a game pass that costs 1,200 Robux, can be a hit or miss depending on your game stage. While you can obtain the Curse Dual Katana without Robux, it requires a significant time investment. Dark Blade looks cool and is powerful, but its high price might make you think twice before purchasing it.

Fruit Notifier

The Fruit Notifier game pass, costing a whopping 2,700 Robux, offers unique abilities that free-to-play players can’t access. With proper use, it can help you find and trade legendary fruits, potentially earning you other game passes. Although its high price prevents it from taking the top spot, this game pass is invaluable for players looking to get ahead in Blox Fruits.

2x Mastery

In our opinion, the 2x Mastery game pass is the best investment you can make in Blox Fruits. For just 450 Robux, this game pass will save you time and effort while grinding for Mastery. No matter which sea you’re in, you’ll need to acquire Mastery to unlock swords, fighting styles, and more. I personally grinded out the God Human without this game pass, and I wish I had bought it sooner.

Stat Reset

Stat Reset can be useful if you’re short on time and have ample Robux to spare. However, at 75 Robux, it might not be the most cost-effective option. Instead, you can reset your stat points by paying 2,500 fragments to the Plaquester NPC. By doing so, you can save your Robux for other in-game purchases.

Race Reroll

Similar to Stat Reset, Race Reroll is a product that costs 90 Robux. If you want to reroll your race, consider paying 3,000 fragments to the Tord NPC instead. This alternative method allows you to be more rational with your Robux and save them for other game-enhancing items.

Respawn Bosses

Respawn Bosses, a product that costs 50 Robux, can be useful if you’re in a hurry to defeat a boss. If you find yourself in such a situation and don’t mind spending the Robux, this product can be a helpful addition to your Blox Fruits gameplay.

+1 Fruit Storage

The best product for avid traders is the +1 Fruit Storage, which costs 400 Robux per Blox Fruit storage. Although it may seem expensive, this product enables you to store more powerful fruits, improving your trading opportunities. If you frequently trade and have the Robux to spare, this product is a must-have.


In summary, it’s essential to be mindful of your Robux spending in Blox Fruits. Avoid wasting your Robux on money and fragments, as there are alternative ways to acquire these resources in the game. By following this in-depth guide, you can make informed decisions about the game passes and products that best suit your gameplay style.

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