Blox Fruits First Sea Accessories and How To Get Them

Blox Fruits First Sea Accessories and How To Get Them

There are a lot of Blox Fruits accessories that you can get in the first sea. Each accessory will give you additional stats that will make you more powerful. You want to get them as soon as possible so you can progress faster through the game.

In this guide you will find all accessories and how to get them in the first sea. We recommend you to check out Blox Fruits accessories tier list so you can know what is the best one and worth getting. 

The Swordsman Hat

Located on the Desert Island, the Swordsman Hat is a unique accessory that boosts your sword damage by 10 points. However, you’ll need at least 300 stat points in your sword stat to obtain this hat. Sold by the NPC Hassan, this hat might not be suitable for everyone, but it’s an excellent choice for sword mains.

The Marine Cap

The Marine Cap is a great accessory for both sword and gun users, offering a 7.5% damage increase and a 10% cooldown reduction for both weapon types. To get your hands on this hat, you’ll need to defeat a pirate as a marine while having over 250k honor. The Marine Cap is not only stylish but also a versatile choice for players who want to improve their combat abilities.

The Usoap Hat

To obtain the Usoap Hat, you’ll need to defeat three players while having over 250k bounties. This accessory is a must-have for gun users, providing a 7.5% damage increase and a 15% cooldown reduction on gun attacks. The Usoap Hat is an excellent choice for those who love wielding guns in the world of Blox Fruits.

Tomoe Ring

The Tomoe Ring can be found on Sky Islands and requires 200 stat points in the melee stat to purchase. Sold by Yoshi for 500k beli, this accessory not only looks amazing but also provides a 10-point damage boost for Blox Fruits attacks. The Tomoe Ring is an excellent accessory for late-game players who want to enhance their fruit-based attacks.

Pink Coat

The Pink Coat is an uncommon accessory obtained as a boss drop from the Swan boss on Prison Island, with a 5-10% chance of dropping. Once equipped, you’ll gain an additional 200 health and a 10-point damage boost for gun attacks. The Pink Coat is an attractive accessory that offers substantial benefits for players who manage to obtain it.

Black Cape

Located on Marine Fortress Island, the Black Cape can be purchased from Parlus for 50k beli, provided you’re at least level 50. With buffs like +100 Health, +100 Energy, and +5 damage on all attacks, the Black Cape is an exceptional accessory for beginners who want to grind and level up in Blox Fruits.

Vice Admiral Coat

Admiral Coat blox fruits

The Vice Admiral Coat is a boss drop obtained from defeating the Vice Admiral on Marine Fortress Island, with a 10% drop chance. This stylish accessory provides +200 Energy and +10 Fighting Style damage, making it a superb option for players who rely heavily on their fighting styles, such as Buddha users.

Cool Shades

Found in Fountain City, the Cool Shades have a 2% drop chance from the Cyborg boss. These sunglasses are not only fashionable but also offer an impressive range of buffs, including a 17.5% movement speed increase, a 7.5% universal damage boost, and an additional 100 Health and 100 Energy. The Cool Shades are a top-tier accessory for any build and are well worth the time and effort required to obtain them.


In summary, the world of Blox Fruits offers a diverse range of accessories, each with its unique benefits and advantages. Whether you’re a sword master, gun enthusiast, or fruit attack specialist, there’s an accessory out there to enhance your gameplay experience. We have a lot of different guides, so feel free to check out the Blox Fruits best fruits and Blox Fruit codes

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