How to change your Race in Blox Fruits

How to change your Race in Blox Fruits

In the adventurous and exciting world of Blox Fruits, players have the remarkable ability to change their race, broadening their gameplay experience. This unique feature allows a refreshing transformation that impacts your character’s attributes and abilities.

There are several methods for effecting this change, including purchasing a Race Change item, rerolling your race with fragments, or using codes and special event offers. This article will provide a detailed guide on how to carry out each method, ensuring you enjoy a seamless Blox Fruits change race experience.

Purchasing a Race Change from the Shop

The first step to a transformation within the universe of Blox Fruits can be as straightforward as visiting the in-game store. Here, you’ll find an item named Race Change available for purchase. The cost for this dramatic alteration? A mere 90 Robux.

The Race Change item, once purchased, allows your character to morph into one of four distinctive races – Human, Mink, Sky, or Fishman. It’s important to note, however, that the outcome is random. So, while you might be hoping to swap your Human character for a Mink, you could just as easily remain a Human. However, this unpredictability adds a layer of thrill to your Blox Fruits change race adventure.

Using Fragments to Reroll Race

If spending Robux doesn’t sit well with you, there’s another option for you to change race in Blox Fruits. You can offer 3,000 fragments to an NPC named Tort, tucked away in the cozy confines of The Café. This friendly character provides a race reroll service for the fragment price.

Like the Race Change item, using Tort’s service allows players to switch to one of the four standard races – Human, Mink, Sky, or Fishman. The twist, however, is that you are guaranteed to become a race different from your current one. This way, you’re assured that your investment in fragments will result in a new gaming experience.

Redeeming Race Rerolls from Codes

For those on the lookout for freebies, you can redeem race rerolls from special Blox Fruits codes. These codes, when available, allow players to change race without spending Robux or fragments. It’s like winning a mini-lottery within the game!

Race Rerolls during Events

In the heart of events, a special opportunity to change race in Blox Fruits presents itself. Certain NPCs during these events offer race rerolls purchasable with event currency. This provides an exciting chance to reinvent your character while taking part in the game’s lively events.

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