How to Evolve Race V4 in Blox Fruits

How to Evolve Race V4 in Blox Fruits

Evolving race to V4 in Blox Fruits is a hard and really complicated thing to do. There is a lot of preparation that you have to do in order to evolve your race to V4. Race V4 is extremely powerful so we recommend that you give it your best effort to get it as soon as possible. It will help you fight your enemies.

So in this guide, we will cover all the steps that you have to do. If you are a new player then you can check out the Blox Fruits devil fruit tier list, best races and make sure that you redeem all Blox Fruits codes. Now we recommend you also watch video guides because it is much easier to understand what you have to do so we listed a few of them at the end of the post that you can watch.

Requirements for Evolving Your Race in Blox Fruits

Before you start your evolving process you have to meet some requirements:

  • Third Sea Access
  • Mirror Fractal
  • Race V3
  • Defeat Rip_Indra Boss
  • If you’re unsure about any of these requirements, make sure to double-check before proceeding.

Guide to Evolving Your Race in Blox Fruits

Enter the Temple of Time

To start the process of evolving your race, head over to the castle on Sea Island. There you will talk to the Rip-Inverse Stone. This will allow you to enter the Temple of Time.

Teleport to the Temple of Time

Once you’ve entered the Temple of Time, talk to the NPC on the Great Tree Island. He will teleport you to the Temple of Time.

Talk to the Second NPC

In the Temple of Time, talk to the second NPC. This will trigger the next step in the process.

Return to the Castle on Sea Island

After speaking to the second NPC, return to the castle on Sea Island and talk to the Rip_Inverse Stone once again. It will inform you that the place may hold the key to a greater power, but you must undergo a trial to grab hold of it.

Wait for a Full Moon and Find a Mirage Island

Now it’s time to wait for a full moon and find Mirage Island. You can do this by sailing across the sea but make sure you’re not too close to other islands, so the Mirage Island can spawn somewhere. Once you find it, head to the highest hill on the island and activate your race ability hotkey “T”. Wait until your mirror fractal reacts with the full moon (10 to 30 seconds), and a message will appear.

Look for the Blue Gear

Next, look for the blue gear on Mirage Island. It can appear anywhere on the island, so make sure to look carefully.

Return to the Temple of Time

Return to the Great Tree Island and enter the Temple of Time again. Pull the lever to open the door, and wait for a full moon. Stand in front of the door with two other players who have different V3 races. Activate your race ability hotkey “T” to teleport to separate rooms and complete the trials. There is a different trial for every race. They are not hard to do.

Fight to Win the Race V4

After completing the trials, you’ll be teleported to a room. There you will fight 2 other players but we recommend that you complete this with your friend. They can allow you to because only the winner will get the Race V4. Follow the orb until it stops, and interact with the clock to enable the Race V4.

Talk to the Redhead Essence

After obtaining the Race V4 you have to go down the hall and talk to the Redhead Essence. Congratulations, You’ve now evolved your race to V4 in Blox Fruits!

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