How to get and farm money in Blox Fruits Guide

How to get and farm money in Blox Fruits Guide

Blox Fruits is a hard game and one of the key things that you have to do is farm Money. With money, you can purchase almost every single one. A lot of players are struggling to farm money because you will need a lot of it in order to get the best items in the game. So it is important to know how to farm and get money in Blox Frutis. 

Boss Hunting

Boss hunting is a great method of making money in Blox Fruits. The game provides boss quests that reward you with 50,000 dollars when you finish them. The trick to maximizing your earnings is to go for bosses that are not popular but still pay well. Popular bosses like the K Queen will have you server-hopping for hours with little to show for it because everyone is killing it.

So stay away from popular bosses, they are a waste of time.  But bosses like the Beautiful Pirate may not be as popular but they will still give you a good amount of money. You can do this method solo which is great especially if you are playing at night times where there are not a lot of players online. 

Sea Beast Hunting

Sea Beast hunting is where you will earn a lot of money in Blox Fruits. Each kill rewards around 200,000 dollars, and 400,000 with the times two money Game Pass. We recommend you to get a game pass if you can, it will speed up your money-making drastically.

You have to find the Sea Beast first. My advice is to go to open waters, away from the islands, and start looking for sea beasts. You will be searching for a massive creature that can kill you in one hit. And if you’re lucky enough to have a Bounty of 10 million or higher, you can even summon the Sea Beast yourself.

Just make sure you have a powerful fruit, like Buddha or awakened fruit, to take it down. It can be quite challenging to defeat it so make sure that you have good character and skill. If you are a new player, stay away from the sea beast. 

Chest Hunting

Now, this method may not be the most efficient to get money in Blox Fruits, but it’s easy and doesn’t require much effort. Chest hunting involves searching for chests scattered around the islands. Each chest rewards anywhere from 1,000 to 4,000 dollars, and there’s even a chance of finding a special diamond chest that offers higher rewards. It’s a great way to earn some quick cash while exploring the game’s world and doing other in-game activities.

Grinding for Devil Fruits

Devil Fruits are important in Blox Fruits. There are a lot of versions of Devil Fruits. Best devil fruits in Blox Fruits are selling for millions which makes them an excellent way to make money. But how do you obtain them? Well, there are two ways: defeating bosses or purchasing them.

Now, I don’t recommend purchasing Devil Fruits because they can be quite expensive. So you will have to do boss hunting and have some luck on your side. With time and effort, you will get a lot of them. 


That is all ways to make millions in Blox Fruits. Boss hunting, sea beast hunting, and chess hunting are all great options to earn money. And if you’re feeling lucky, try your hand at finding a Devil Fruit. Just remember to have a powerful fruit and be prepared to fight. With these tips and tricks, you will accumulate a lot of money. So, get out there and start making that money and do not forget to use all Blox Fruits Codes!

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