How to get and use Conjured Cocoa in Blox Fruits

How to get and use Conjured Cocoa in Blox Fruits

The mystic world of Blox Fruits is full of thrills and adventures. Among the many in-game items, Conjured Cocoa holds a special place due to its numerous uses and the challenges one must overcome to obtain it.

This rare item has the power to summon formidable bosses and upgrade certain weapons, making it a desired collectable for all players. In this article, we will explore the intricacies of how to get Conjured Cocoa and how to effectively use it in Blox Fruits.

How to get Conjured Cocoa in Blox Fruits

The quest for Conjured Cocoa is an exhilarating journey in the world of Blox Fruits. It’s a rare and valuable item which is highly sought after by players due to its multiple uses.

To start your adventure, you need to set sail to the Sea of Treats, a whimsical region in the game that is reminiscent of the Whole Cake Island area from One Piece. Chocolate Island, tucked within the Sea of Treats, is your destination. Its defining feature is a gigantic tree that serves as an unmistakable landmark.

Being prepared is the key to successfully getting Conjured Cocoa in Blox Fruits. This entails leveling up before venturing into battles. Having strong weapons at your disposal is equally essential, as the enemies you’ll face are no pushovers.

Your opponents in the quest for Conjured Cocoa are the formidable Chocolate Bar Battlers and Cocoa Warriors. Residing on Chocolate Island, these foes are at a minimum level of 2,300. To have a chance at scoring some Conjured Cocoa, you must face and defeat these high-level adversaries. But bear in mind, not all vanquished enemies drop the precious item. With a drop rate of just 2.5%, collecting Conjured Cocoa requires patience and determination.

How to use Conjured Cocoa in Blox Fruits

Now that you’ve managed to get Conjured Cocoa, let’s delve into how you can put it to use. Its applications in Blox Fruits are quite significant.

One of the most thrilling uses of Conjured Cocoa is summoning the Dough King Raid Boss. To do this, you’ll need to collect a minimum of 10 Conjured Cocoa and a God’s Chalice, which is obtained by defeating Elite Pirates.

Once you have these, head to the Sweet Crafter and exchange them for a Cake Chalice. This Cake Chalice is your ticket to summon the Boss. Engaging with the Dough King Raid not only gives you a thrilling battle but also opens the path to the Dough Raids.

Upgrading Weapons

Conjured Cocoa isn’t just about summoning bosses. It can also help upgrade your arsenal. Weapons like the Buddy Sword and Spikey Trident can be enhanced using Conjured Cocoa. For instance, to upgrade the Buddy Sword, you’ll need 8 Conjured Cocoa. While the amount required for upgrades can be significant, the boost in power that comes with it makes the effort worthwhile.

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