How to get and use Dragon Scale in Blox Fruits

How to get and use Dragon Scale in Blox Fruits

Welcome to the world of Blox Fruits, a virtual paradise teeming with quests, challenges, and fascinating items. In the vast arena of options available, the Dragon Scale stands out as a prized possession.

Not only does it shine for its rarity, but it is also highly sought after due to its multiple applications. The role of Dragon Scale in this exciting game extends to upgrading weapons and even learning new skills, promising an enhanced gaming experience.

How to get Dragon Scale in Blox Fruits

The journey to acquire Dragon Scale in Blox Fruits can be challenging but rewarding. Dragon Scale, a hard-to-find material, can be found as loot dropped by formidable enemies: the Dragon Crew Warriors and Dragon Crew Archers.

The Dragon Crew Archers, level 1600 NPCs, come armed with the Combat Fighting Style and the Serpent Bow’s Z [Poisonous Blast] move. You can discover these formidable foes to the right of the Friendly Arena or behind the Island Empress’s Palace.

On the other hand, the Dragon Crew Warriors, level 1575 NPCs, have the Longsword as their primary weapon and are experts at using the Longsword’s X move [Annihilate]. You’ll typically find these Warriors on the left and right of the Friendly Arena.

The process of grinding Dragon Scales, however, is not a task for the faint-hearted. With a low drop rate, you’ll need to engage in battles with hundreds of these enemies to gather your coveted Dragon Scales. Therefore, players should have reached at least level 1600 and be equipped with their most potent fruits, weapons, and fighting styles to stand a chance against these formidable opponents.

In addition to engaging in battles, it’s beneficial to take on the Amazon Quest. This quest giver presents an opportunity to defeat 8 Dragon Crew Archers and 8 Dragon Crew Warriors. Completion of these tasks not only increases your chances to get Dragon Scale but also rewards you with a generous amount of money and experience.

How to use Dragon Scale in Blox Fruits

After going through the rigors to get Dragon Scale, the next question is, how can you use them in Blox Fruits? The good news is that Dragon Scales offer multiple benefits that make your gaming journey more thrilling.

One such exciting application is learning the “Godhuman” skill. This skill is a desirable ability, but it requires a set of materials, including Dragon Scale, FishTail, Magma Ore, Mystic Droplet, Money, and Fragment.

Additionally, you can use your hard-earned Dragon Scales to upgrade a variety of weapons. These include both guns and swords such as the Canvander, Dark Blade, Dark Dagger, Dragon Trident, True Triple Katana, Kabucha, and Soul Guitar. Each of these weapons requires different materials alongside Dragon Scale for their upgrades. Securing these precious scales and upgrading your weapons can substantially enhance your gaming prowess and experience in Blox Fruits.

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