How to Get and Use Mirror Fractals in Blox Fruits

How to Get and Use Mirror Fractals in Blox Fruits

Mirror Fractals stand out as elusive yet crucial items in the multifaceted universe of Blox Fruits. These items, rare in their existence, hold the power to unlock incredible potential within the game, paving the way for players to achieve the coveted Race V4 status.

This guide aims to clarify the process of obtaining and effectively utilizing these precious items. The process involves overcoming challenges and engaging in a thrilling boss fight against the formidable Dough King, who rewards the victorious with a Mirror Fractal. So, let’s dive in and unravel the mysteries of Blox Fruits Mirror Fractals!

How to get Mirror Fractals in Blox Fruits

In the captivating world of Blox Fruits, Mirror Fractals hold a place of significant importance. Considered as one of the game’s most mysterious and rare items, they serve as the spoils of an epic battle against the raid boss known as Dough King. Mastering the methods to obtain these Mirror Fractals can give players an edge, propelling them toward greater heights in this anime-inspired RPG.

Steps to Access the Boss Fight

The pursuit of Blox Fruits Mirror Fractals involves a series of intricate steps that players must meticulously follow. The journey begins at the Door of Time, nestled in the heart of Chocolate Island. Here, a conversation with the Sweet Crafter sets the ball rolling as players are tasked with crafting the Cake Chalice.

This key item, an amalgamation of God’s Chalice and x10 Conjured Cocoa, leads us next to Cake Island. It’s here that players encounter an NPC named Drip Mama, who introduces them to their challenge: a daunting task of defeating precisely 500 enemies to activate a portal leading to the thrilling boss fight.

The Boss Fight Against Dough King

Once the portal is activated, the Cake Chalice becomes the catalyst that ignites an intense showdown with Dough King. This boss battle is not for the faint-hearted. It is a stern test of skill and strategy, and players are often advised to team up to increase their chances of success. The reward for overcoming this mighty foe? None other than the coveted Mirror Fractal!

How to use Mirror Fractals in Blox Fruits

With the Mirror Fractal now in possession, players are poised to awaken their race in the game, inching closer towards the most powerful race, Race V4. However, the usage of Mirror Fractals is another journey that requires meticulous navigation.

To effectively use these precious Mirror Fractals, players need to venture towards Mirage Island and scale its highest peak. The enchanting sight of a night sky serves as the perfect backdrop for this ritual. With the V3 ability activated, players interact with the Mirror Fractal, initiating a mesmerizing scene where the moon begins to glow and resonate with the Mirror Fractal.

After this celestial interaction, players must make their way to the Temple of Time. This is the location where the final step towards awakening Race V4 takes place. The successful completion of this process is signaled by a message stating, “Your Mirror fractal has resonated with the moon”.

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