How to Get and Use Scrap Metal in Blox Fruits: Location

How to Get and Use Scrap Metal in Blox Fruits: Location

When it comes to mastering the popular game Blox Fruits, an essential resource to consider is scrap metal. This handy material, despite its common status in the game, can be surprisingly elusive to collect.

However, once obtained, the use of scrap metal in Blox Fruits becomes a significant part of improving your gameplay. This guide will teach you how to efficiently get scrap metal and employ it in upgrading your weapons to maximize your gaming experience.

How to Get Scrap Metal

Scrap metal holds a key role in the gameplay of Blox Fruits. A common material in the game, it can be somewhat challenging to acquire. But once you’ve mastered how to get scrap metal in Blox Fruits, your gaming experience will elevate significantly.

One primary way to obtain scrap metal is by triumphing over enemies. Certain foes are more likely to drop scrap metal, making it crucial to know your enemies. The better your understanding of who you’re up against, the more likely you are to optimize your scrap metal haul.

First Sea

Tucked away in the First Sea, the Pirate Village is a prime location to get scrap metal in Blox Fruits. Pirates and Brutes, roaming around at levels 35 to 45, are known to drop this sought-after material upon defeat. For those new to the game, the Pirate Village is a perfect starting point for farming scrap metal, offering an achievable challenge to novice players.

Second Sea

As you progress through the game, the Kingdom of Rose in the Second Sea becomes your next hotspot for scrap metal collection. Here, Swan Pirates, formidable enemies at level 775, provide a greater challenge but also yield valuable scrap metal. To ensure a higher rate of success in these battles, it’s recommended to hone your skills against lower-level enemies in other locations before confronting the Swan Pirates.

Third Sea

For the more experienced players, Turtle Island in the Third Sea offers the ultimate challenge. The Jungle Pirates, with their impressive level of 1900, are the toughest opponents in the game. However, the reward for defeating them is rich – a generous drop of scrap metal. So, if you’re up for the challenge, Turtle Island is the place to be.

How to Use Scrap Metal

Once you’ve collected enough scrap metal, the Blacksmith NPC becomes your best ally. Found in the Pirate Village, Kingdom of Rose, and Port Town, this non-playable character is the key to utilizing your scrap metal. Using materials like wood, leather, cloth, and of course, scrap metal, the Blacksmith can enhance your gameplay by upgrading your weapons.

The role of scrap metal goes beyond being a resource for collection. It is crucial in amplifying the damage output of your weapons and guns, making it a vital part of your combat strategy. Upgrading your weapons not only increases your power but also gives you an edge in your battles within Blox Fruits.

Knowing which weapons can be enhanced with scrap metal is equally important. The following weapons are known to require scrap metal for upgrades:

Swords: From the Cursed Dual Katana and Dark Dagger to the Spikey Trident and Triple Katana, there’s a wide range of swords that can be upgraded using scrap metal.

Guns: Gun enthusiasts are not left out, with options like the Refined Flintlock, Refined Musket, Refined Slingshot, and Serpent Bow available for upgrades using scrap metal.

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