How To Get and Awaken Angel V4 in Blox Fruits

How To Get Angel V4 in Blox Fruits

Are you a Roblox Blox Fruits enthusiast looking for the most comprehensive guide on how to awaken the much-desired Angel V4? You’re in luck! This article unravels the intricate process to get Angel V4, a remarkable feat in the Blox Fruits world.

Being one of the four races available to players upon joining for the first time, the Angel race holds a unique charm, with a decent 12.5% chance of spawning on your first join. Moreover, Angel V4 is often considered one of the easier races to awaken. So, let’s embark on this exciting journey!

What is Angel V4 in Roblox Blox Fruits?

Angel V4 in Blox Fruits is an engaging aspect of the game that brings an exciting twist for the players. As part of the Angel race, you’d be one of the chosen few who spawn as this special race. It’s a race that’s worth your effort and offers a fulfilling gaming experience.

How to Get Angel V4 in Roblox Blox Fruits?

Before embarking on the quest to unlock Angel V4, you must first unlock Angel V2 and Angel V3. These are the necessary building blocks to reach Angel V4. Angel V2 can be unlocked by completing the Colosseum Quest and the Alchemist’s Quest. Once you have Angel V2, proceed to get Angel V3 by completing Arowe’s Quest, which includes a thrilling challenge of defeating a player of the Angel race.

Initial Steps: Beginning the Quest for Angel V4

Now, to dive into the adventure of getting Angel V4, you start by defeating the boss, rip_indra, using a Gold Chalice and 3 Haki Colors. Further excitement awaits as you obtain a Mirror Fractal, a crucial item for the quest, by defeating the Dough King raid boss.

Subsequently, take a voyage to the Castle in the Sea and interact with the tablet where King Red Head rests, which serves as a gateway to the great quest. The journey then takes you to the top of the Great Tree to meet an NPC named MISC.

The Temple of Time and The Trial of the King

Your encounter with MISC transports you to the mystical Temple of Time. Here, interact with NPCs, gain insights from King Red Head about the full moon, and prepare for the impending trial. When the moon is full, head to Mirage Island, equipped with your Mirror Fractal. Activating it under the full moon’s glow triggers the appearance of a glowing light blue gear – an essential item for the trial ahead.

Next, gather a team of two other players, each representing a different race. Together, venture to the Temple of Time, where each of you must stand before your race’s respective door.

Completion of the Trial

Brace yourself for the Trial of the King, an exciting challenge that requires players to leap up a staircase of clouds, some of which mysteriously move and disappear after a time. Remember, time is of the essence, as you only have a minute to reach the top.

After this exhilarating race against time, it’s time to battle your fellow questers, with the victor earning the right to approach the Ancient Clock. Placing the light blue gear inside this grand timekeeper marks the moment you’ve been waiting for – the awakening of Angel V4!

Additional Information

A few additional things to keep in mind while pursuing your quest for Angel V4: The Dough King raid boss, from whom you obtain the Mirror Fractal, can be defeated to aid in your quest. Mirage Islands, essential for triggering the light blue gear, only appear when you are sailing away from other islands and have enough space to spawn. They remain for 15 minutes and disappear if no players are present.

In the second sea, under the Colosseum, you can find King Red Head in the prisoners’ cell along with the Gladiators. This is a crucial meeting in your quest. Lastly, the Trial of the King is more than just a race against time, with a boss mob awaiting your challenge.

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