How To Get Bisento Sword In Blox Fruits Version 1 and 2

How To Get Bisento Sword In Blox Fruits Version 1 and 2

Have you ever wondered how to attain the Bisento sword in the immersive universe of Blox Fruits? This legendary weapon is a beacon of power and a coveted asset among the player community.

This article will help you navigate your path to acquiring both versions of this iconic sword: Bisento V1 and V2. We’ll guide you through the entire journey, starting from the primary requirements to the distinct characteristics of both versions.

Purchase of Bisento V1

Before you embark on your quest for the bisento sword in Blox Fruits, there are a few prerequisites to be mindful of. The first one is that your character level should be a minimum of 250, indicating that you’re ready for the challenges that lie ahead. The next crucial step is to save up 1,000,000 Beli, the in-game currency, required to purchase the initial version of the bisento sword.

The Master Sword Dealer located in Skylands, on the Fourth Island right beside the Quest giver NPC, is the individual you’ll be dealing with for this transaction. His offerings include the Bisento V1, which forms the foundation of your journey towards the Bisento V2.

The Bisento V1 isn’t just a purchase; it’s an investment into your avatar’s future prowess. Known for its remarkable high damage and multi-targeting abilities, this weapon can be a game-changer. The primary abilities it grants include Wind Breaker and Quake Sphere.

Wind Breaker, unlocked at 50 Mastery, has a refresh time of 9 seconds, while the Quake Sphere, unlocked after 150 Mastery, refreshes after 13 seconds. These abilities provide a perfect balance of power and strategy in your Blox Fruits engagements.

Once you’ve attained the Bisento V1 and grown comfortable with its powers, the next step involves upgrading it. The Blacksmith in Pirate Village serves as the hub for such enhancements. By trading in 10x Angel Wings, 15x Scrap Materials, and 10x Magma Ore, your bisento sword will be supercharged, boasting a whopping 25% increase in damage, thereby providing a significant advantage in battles.

Unlocking Bisento V2

The journey from the bisento sword V1 to V2 is an exciting and challenging one, filled with high stakes and intense battles. To unlock the V2, you must defeat Greybeard, a raid boss NPC at Marine Fortress in the Main/Old World. This formidable foe appears every 4-6 hours and disappears in 15 minutes, with his arrival heralded by the ominous chat message: “Loud tremors are being heard across the seas..”.

When preparing to face Greybeard, it’s crucial to have the Bisento V1 in your inventory or hotbar. For successful combat, we recommend using fruits with stun and high damage like Venom, Rumble, String, or Awakened Dough. Additionally, maintaining a safe distance while attacking Greybeard can mitigate risk and damage. If your level is above 1000, you can face Greybeard solo. However, it’s advisable to team up with at least two other Second Sea players for increased chances of success.

Defeating Greybeard is your gateway to unlocking the coveted Bisento V2, but there’s a twist! You need to contribute at least 10% to Greybeard’s total health damage and successfully defeat him. Once achieved, a line of text reading “Something strange has occurred to your Bisento” will appear at the top of your screen, signalling the much-awaited unlock. Keep in mind; it’s not necessary for the Bisento to be at the bottom of your screen during this process.

The Bisento V2 isn’t just a weapon upgrade; it’s a leap in power and capabilities. Classified as one of the finest weapons in Blox Fruits, this legendary sword boasts a modified moveset compared to its predecessor. The revised moves include Wind Breaker, which now launches three flying spheres, and Quake Sphere that forms a giant air ball, causing repeated damage to entities within its range.

These upgrades, especially the Wind Breaker and Quake Sphere, transform the Bisento V2 into an offensive powerhouse, causing a significant uptick in damage and giving you an edge in the fierce battles of Blox Fruits. So, gear up and embark on your quest for the bisento sword in Blox Fruits, an unforgettable journey filled with excitement, challenges, and the thrill of wielding the legendary Bisento V1 and V2.

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