How to get Cyborg Race in Blox Fruits

How to get Cyborg Race in Blox Fruits

Are you an avid Blox Fruits player eager to unlock the elusive Cyborg race? This in-depth guide will walk you through every step, requirement, and strategy necessary for obtaining this unique Cyborg Race in Blox Fruits. Along the way, we’ll also provide some useful tips and tricks to help you navigate the Second sea. So, let’s dive right in!

Cyborg Race The Requirements

To successfully unlock the Cyborg race in Blox Fruits, you’ll need to meet a few essential requirements. First, you must gather a total of 3500 fragments. These can be obtained by participating in easy flame raids alongside players equipped with Buddha and Superhuman abilities. Don’t worry if you lack these skills, as you can always find someone who’s willing to lend a hand.

The second requirement is that you need access to the Second sea and maintain a decent level in it, preferably around 1250. This level recommendation is because the boss you need to defeat during the process is at that same level. With these requirements met, you’re ready to begin your journey towards unlocking the Cyborg race.

The Fist of Darkness

To begin your quest for the Cyborg race, you first need to acquire the Fist of Darkness. This rare item serves as a vital component for spawning the Dark Bear Ray boss and is necessary for obtaining the Slayer skin for the Dark Blade. Although the Fist of Darkness has a low chance of being found in chests, your best bet is to defeat Sea Beasts repeatedly.

Venture far from the islands on your boat and patiently wait for Sea Beasts to spawn. It might take a while, but with persistence, you’ll eventually secure the Fist of Darkness.

Half-Hot Half-Cold Island Secret Room

With the Fist of Darkness in your possession, head to the Half-Hot Half-Cold Island. Follow our directions to locate a hidden room that holds the key to initiating the Order Law raid. Once inside the secret room, grab your Fist of Darkness and interact with the blue capsule, pressing the green button to begin the raid.

The Core Brain

As you embark on the Order Law raid, keep in mind that your primary goal is to obtain the Core Brain. This item has a 5% chance of dropping from the Mortar Raid boss. To start the raid, you’ll need a special microchip that can only be bought from the Arithmetic NPC located in a building on the Half-Hot Half-Cold Island. In exchange for 1000 fragments, the NPC will provide you with the required microchip.

Armed with the special microchip, return to the secret Order Law raid room, enter the blue capsule, and press the green button. The raid will commence, and you’ll face the Order Raid boss. Since the boss is challenging to defeat, and the Core Brain drop rate is only 5%, be prepared to grind this raid multiple times, spending more than 3500 fragments in the process.

Claiming the Cyborg Race

Once you’ve obtained the Core Brain, revisit the secret Order Law room, and interact with the blue capsule while holding the Core Brain. Press the green button, and a hidden staircase will appear. Descend the staircase to find another capsule at the bottom. By interacting with this final capsule, you can purchase the Cyborg race for 2500 fragments. 

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