How to get Dark Fragment in Blox Fruits

How to get Dark Fragment in Blox Fruits

Securing a dark fragment in Blox Fruits is an accomplishment of note, primarily due to the mythical rarity of this coveted material. Dropped exclusively by Darkbeard, the nefarious level 1,000 Raid Boss, these fragments are instrumental in upgrading your weapons and adding that much-needed edge in your gameplay. The journey to obtain a dark fragment is both thrilling and engaging, with each step pushing you closer to your ultimate goal.

How to Obtain Dark Fragments in Blox Fruits

Embarking on the quest to get a dark fragment in Blox Fruits starts with an essential task: acquiring the Fist of Darkness. This mystical artifact is the key to unlocking the path towards Darkbeard and the dark fragments he harbors. You can find the Fist of Darkness either by defeating a fearsome Sea Beast or by discovering it inside chests located in the Second Sea.

The Fist of Darkness, however, is not a typical item that can be casually stored in your backpack. Once you have it in your possession, it becomes an inseparable part of your inventory. The caveat, though, is that losing your life means you also lose the Fist of Darkness. Consequently, you have to tread carefully or risk having to repeat the process of obtaining this valuable artifact.

The Dark Arena

The Dark Arena, a mystic location in the Second Sea, is the next significant pit stop on your journey to get a dark fragment in Blox Fruits. The Dark Arena is specifically designed to utilize the Fist of Darkness. The centerpiece of this arena is an altar, where the Fist of Darkness must be carefully placed.

Doing so triggers the summoning of Darkbeard, the formidable level 1,000 Raid Boss. As the battle against Darkbeard ensues, players who manage to inflict damage will receive 1,500 Fragments as a reward. Moreover, successfully harming Darkbeard also leads to an increase of three levels for the player. Each victorious player, having dealt damage, will further obtain a single Dark Fragment.

Possible Rewards

While engaging with Darkbeard, players stand a slim 2% chance to secure the Dark Coat accessory. This reward is more than an aesthetic addition to your avatar. It’s an accessory that brings considerable benefits, including an impressive +600 boost to Health, an equal increase to Energy, and a +15% enhancement to fruit damage. Owning the Dark Coat accessory significantly aids in your journey to get more dark fragments in Blox Fruits.

Uses of Dark Fragments

The journey to get a dark fragment in Blox Fruits doesn’t end with its acquisition. These dark fragments serve a higher purpose, playing a vital role in upgrading specific items and unlocking new ones. Bazookas, Soul Guitars, Dark Blades, and Dark Daggers can all be enhanced using these fragments.

Remarkably, you can obtain the Soul Guitar, a potent weapon, exclusively through the use of these dark fragments. Therefore, each fragment you gather not only signifies your victories but also paves the way for further advancements in your Blox Fruits journey.

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