How to get Dragon Talon Fighting Style in Blox Fruits

How to get Dragon Talon Fighting Stlye in Blox Fruits

Dragon Talon Fighting Style in Blox Fruits is extremely powerful and is worth getting. The problem is that a lot of players do not know how to get it. In this guide, we’ll be delving into the world of Dragon Talon, a powerful fighting style that takes Dragon Breath to a whole new level. It will take you some time to get Dragon Talon Fighting Style but it is 100% worth the time and effort. 

Dragon Breath Mastery

Before you can even think about acquiring Dragon Talon, you must first unlock the Dragon Breath fighting style. To do this, make your way to the Second sea Main Docks, where you’ll find a helpful Sabi NPC waiting to sell you this fierce ability for a mere 1,500 fragments.

Once you’ve got Dragon Breath in your arsenal, it’s time to grind! Practice with this fighting style relentlessly, aiming to reach a mastery level of 400. It may be challenging, but targeting high-level NPCs will help you level up much more quickly. Trust me, it’s worth the effort!

If you haven’t already unlocked the Third Sea, now’s the time to do so. This enigmatic realm is crucial for your quest to acquire Dragon Talon.

Gathering Resources

Before embarking on your quest to obtain Dragon Talon, it’s important to ensure you have the necessary resources. You’ll need a whopping 3 million beli and 5k fragments, so buckle down and get to grinding! Keep in mind that these resources are essential for unlocking Dragon Talon, so don’t skip this step.

Unlocking Dragon Talon

Get Fire Essence

While exploring the haunted castle island in Blox Fruits, you’ll need to acquire a rare item called Fire Essence. To do this, you’ll first have to collect bones by defeating NPCs that inhabit the island. Once you’ve gathered a sufficient amount of bones, seek out the Death King NPC. This shady character sells Random Surprises for 50 bones each. Keep buying these surprises until you finally obtain the coveted Fire Essence. Remember, patience is key!

Unlocking Dragon Talon

locate Uzoth

With Fire Essence in hand, and having amassed the required beli and fragments, you’re ready to unlock Dragon Talon! In the Third sea, locate Uzoth, the NPC who will ultimately grant you this powerful fighting style. Upon speaking to him, you’ll be able to purchase Dragon Talon for 3 million beli, 5k fragments, and your hard-earned Fire Essence.

However, be aware that you may encounter some issues during this process. If Uzoth refuses to sell you Dragon Talon, double-check your Dragon Breath mastery level. Don’t hesitate to reach out in the comments if you need help or have any questions—we’re always here to lend a hand!


Congratulations on making it this far, Blox Fruits warriors! With determination, skill, and a little help from this guide, you’re now well on your way to mastering the Dragon Talon fighting style. Remember to practice, practice, practice—and feel free to share your experiences or ask questions in the comments below. Good luck, and may the seas be ever in your favor!

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