How to Get Fragments Fast in Blox Fruits Guide

How to Get Fragments Fast in Blox Fruits Guide

Fragments are one of the most important types of resources that players are farming. The reason is that with fragments, you can purchase various items and upgrade your fruits. So it is important to know all the ways to get fragments so you can progress faster and get the best possible items. Also, make sure that you are spending Fragments on items that you really need and on the best devil fruits in the game. 


Raiding is the most popular and efficient method of farming fragments in Blox Fruits. Players can earn up to 1000 fragments by completing raids within three minutes. There are a lot of players who are doing raids daily so it is best to contact them and make a group.

With a group, you will be much faster and you will learn a lot from other players. You can also ask them what is the most efficient way to farm Fragments in blox fruits. 

Rolling the Dice with Death King

Death King is a mini-game within the game that offers the chance to earn anywhere between 100 to 300 fragments. The mini-game can be accessed by talking to the Death King in the Haunted Castle.

However, it’s important to note that this method is luck-based, and you may also receive other rewards like cash and exp instead of fragments. For this method to work you will need a lot of luck on your side, but it can be extremely fun especially if you are doing it with your friends. 

Sea Beast Hunting and Ship Raids

Sea hunting and ship raids are challenging activities in Blox Fruits that can also reward you with fragments. When you defeat a sea beast, you’ll earn 250 fragments and cash rewards. On the other hand, ship raids offer 200 fragments and a chance to acquire a random devil fruit.

What is great about this method is that, on top of the fragments, you have a chance to get fruits that are selling for millions, but you need a lot of luck on your side. 

Raid Boss Cake Prince

Raid Boss Cake Prince offers a significant reward of 1000 fragments in Blox Fruits, but they require a bit more effort than other methods. To complete this quest, players need to kill 500 NPCs to open the portal, which can take up to an hour. However, with server hopping, you can find servers where there are only 100 or fewer NPCs left to kill, making it a faster way to earn fragments.

Also, we do not recommend you to do this at night because there is a high chance that there will not be players online to help you defeat NPCs. Additionally, completing the raid boss, Cake Prince, can help you level up which is a great addition.

Other Methods for Farming Fragments

If you’re not satisfied with the above methods, there are still other ways to earn fragments. Killing NPCs, trading with other players, and completing quests and missions can all reward you with fragments. However, these methods are not efficient.  I would suggest using them when you need a break from the usual methods or if you have some spare time.


Fragments are important in Blox Fruits if you want to be the best player, but they are not that easy to get. Make sure that you follow our recommendation and talk to other players to see if they found any better ways to farm fragments. With time and effort, you will accumulate a lot of fragments. 

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