How to get Human V4 in Blox Fruits

How to get Human V4 in Blox Fruits

In the world of Blox Fruits, ascending to the Human V4 level is a notable accomplishment, providing players with significant upgrades and abilities. This sought-after transformation enhances both the power and appearance of your character.

However, the journey to achieve Blox Fruits Human V4 is not straightforward. It requires strategic navigation through various quests and battles. This article simplifies the process and lays out the roadmap to help you get Human V4 in Blox Fruits.

Unlocking Blox Fruits Human V4 begins with the human race, one of the first races players typically encounter via the game’s gacha roll system. To get started on your journey to Human V4, you first need to level up your human race character to V3. This includes obtaining Human V2 and V3, which requires the completion of specific quests, such as the Alchemist’s Quest for V2 and Arowe’s Quest for V3.

How to get Human V4

To kickstart your journey to Human V4, you’ll need to conquer rip_indra, a formidable adversary that necessitates having three Haki colors and the God’s Chalice in your arsenal. Defeating this foe is an essential stepping stone on your path to the much-desired Human V4 transformation.

Navigating your way through the game to get Human V4 in Blox Fruits involves various important steps. Firstly, set your course towards the Castle on the Sea, where you’ll find the stone table that houses King Red Head. Engage in conversation with him and then proceed to the Great Tree.

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At the top of the Great Tree, you’ll encounter an NPC named MISC. Interacting with him sends you off to the Temple of Time. After your visit, return to the Great Tree and revisit King Red Head. Keep an eye on his dialogue, especially for the moment he mentions something occurring under the light of a full moon.

Obtaining a Mirror Fractal: The Mirror Fractal is an essential item for your journey. To acquire it, you’ll need to craft a Cake Chalice using a God’s Chalice and 10 Conjured Cocoa. This magical chalice allows you to spawn the Cake King. Upon defeating the Cake King, you’ll obtain your prized Mirror Fractal.

Using the Mirror Fractal: Once you have the Mirror Fractal, wait for a full moon and then head over to Mirage Island. Here, you need to ascend to the island’s highest point and activate your Human ability. Spend about 15 seconds gazing at the moon. This triggers the appearance of a light blue gear on the island, which you should promptly grab.

Unlocking the Trial of Strength: With the gear and other players of different races, return to the Temple of Time. Each member of your diverse trio should stand in front of their respective race’s door and activate their unique ability. This will unlock the next phase of your journey, the Trial of Strength.

Completing the Trial of Strength: The Trial of Strength is a test of your combat abilities and involves defeating a boss within one minute. This exciting part of the journey does not end with the boss defeat. You’ll then need to move to another room where you must outplay the other two players you brought along.

Obtaining Human V4: Upon successfully passing the Trial of Strength, equip the gear (Mirror Fractal) you discovered earlier. Congratulations, you’ve just unlocked the coveted Human V4 Blox Fruits ability.

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