How To Get Hunter Cape In Blox Fruits

How To Get Hunter Cape In Blox Fruits

The Hunter Cape stands as a distinguished accessory within Blox Fruits. Its design incorporates a stately high collar, giving it an appearance that instantly commands attention. Once donned, the cape elegantly drapes over one’s shoulders.

Interestingly, players have the choice of three color variations to match their aesthetic preferences: a deep black, a rich green, or a vibrant red. While the design is consistent across all three, their distinct colors are the key differentiator, allowing players to choose based on their personal style.

How to get Hunter Cape in Blox Fruits

Securing the Hunter Cape isn’t a matter of mere luck; it requires a blend of strategy, timing, and combat skills. The cape is a rare drop, but it becomes attainable after vanquishing an Elite Pirate.

So, who exactly are these Elite Pirates? Think of them as the formidable pirate NPC bosses, looming large in Blox Fruits’ expansive universe. Presently, players might come face-to-face with three of these titans: the relentless Deandre, the cunning Diablo, or the fearsome Urban.

The challenge they present is not for the faint-hearted, with each Elite Pirate being at an awe-inspiring level 1750 and boasting around 60,000 Hit Points (HP).

However, the effort players invest in tackling these pirates can yield significant rewards. Overcoming an Elite Pirate grants players the chance to obtain 100 Fragments. Moreover, a triumphant victory offers a 50% likelihood of securing either the coveted Hunter Cape or a Bandanna.

These rewards, it’s worth noting, can be in any of the three distinguished colors: black, green, or red. As an added twist of fortune, there exists a slim 2% probability that players might stumble upon the rare artifact known as God’s Chalice after felling an Elite Pirate.

Benefits of wearing the Hunter Cape

Navigating the world of Blox Fruits, one realizes the sheer power of accessories. The Hunter Cape, in this realm, stands out not just in design but also in the advantages it confers. It’s more than a statement piece; it’s a strategic game changer. Players who have the cape equipped can expect a notable 10% surge in their damage output when utilizing Melee, Sword, or Gun attacks.

In situations where speed is of the essence, the cape bestows a considerable 80% boost in running velocity. But that’s not all. Its protective attributes are equally impressive, as wearers receive an additional 750 Health. When gauging the performance of accessories in Blox Fruits, the Hunter Cape emerges at the top, boasting the most significant health bonus. As for movement benefits, it’s a close contender for the top spot, holding its own alongside the Bandanna and only surpassed by the nimble Pilot Helmet.

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