How to get Legendary Swords Shisui, Wando, and Saddi in Blox Fruits

How to get Legendary Swords Shisui, Wando, and Saddi in Blox Fruits

Are you an avid Blox Fruits player and looking to acquire the legendary swords Shisui, Wando, and Saddi? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This in-depth guide will walk you through the essential steps and tips to help you become a master sword collector in the Blox Fruits world.

By following this guide, you’ll be well on your way to obtaining these best swords and enhancing your gameplay experience. From understanding the prerequisites to locating the sword dealer, we’ve got you covered. So let’s dive in and embark on this exciting adventure together.

Unlocking the Legendary Swords: Shisui, Wando, and Saddi

Before we start our quest for the legendary swords Shisui, Wando, and Saddi, you must first ensure you’ve met the necessary prerequisites. To begin, you need to be in the Second Sea and have completed the Bar Taylor quest, which requires you to reach level 950. Once you’ve achieved this milestone, you’re ready to proceed to the next step: interacting with the manager.

Timings and Dealer Spawns

In Blox Fruits, the manager holds the key to valuable information about the legendary sword dealer’s whereabouts. To unlock this knowledge, you’ll need to decipher the manager’s dialogues, which contain hints about the dealer’s spawn schedule.

Keep in mind that you may have to wait for various durations, ranging from 15 minutes to several hours, depending on the dealer’s availability. Patience is crucial in this quest, so stay persistent and keep an eye on the manager’s clues.

Finding the Legendary Sword Dealer

Once you’re armed with the manager’s insights, it’s time to search for the legendary sword dealer. There are eight possible spawn locations where you might find the dealer. As you search, remember that the dealer could appear in any of these locations, so be prepared to explore each one thoroughly. Watch the video bellow if you want to know the exact locations where Legendary Sword Dealer spawns.

Cost of Shisui, Wando, and Saddi Swords

When you finally track down the legendary sword dealer, you’ll discover that he has one of the three swords – Shisui, Wando, and Saddi – in his inventory. Since the dealer’s stock is random, there’s a one-in-three chance of finding the specific sword you’re looking for.

To collect all three swords, you may need to repeat this process multiple times. Keep in mind that each sword costs 2 million belly, so be sure to have enough funds to purchase your desired weapon.


Becoming a master sword collector in Blox Fruits is no easy feat. However, by following this guide and understanding the prerequisites, decoding the manager’s dialogues, locating the sword dealer, and purchasing the legendary swords, you’ll be well on your way to conquering this challenging quest. With dedication, persistence, and a little bit of luck, you’ll soon have Shisui, Wando, and Saddi in your arsenal.

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