How to get Magma Ore in Blox Fruits

How to get Magma Ore in Blox Fruits

Welcome to our detailed guide on how to acquire Magma Ore in the captivating game, Blox Fruits. Magma Ore is a unique resource that plays a critical role in various game elements. Even though it is classified as a common material, the process of obtaining Magma Ore presents a level of challenge that can truly test your gaming prowess.

Obtaining Magma Ore through NPCs

In the exciting world of Blox Fruits, Magma Ore is a resource that is primarily obtained through engaging with non-playable characters (NPCs). It’s not an easy task though, as the chance to get Magma Ore from these characters can be pretty slim, requiring significant time and effort.

The silver lining here, however, is that certain NPCs, such as Military Soldiers and Military Spies, are easier to defeat and are positioned relatively close to each other, making them ideal targets for your Magma Ore hunting.

Locations to get Magma Ore

As you traverse the expansive seas in Blox Fruits, there are two distinctive locations where you can embark on your quest to get Magma Ore. The first one is Magma Village, which is conveniently situated near Fountain City in the First Sea.

This quaint village is easy to spot, thanks to the distinctive smoke ring hovering above Magma Island within the village. Here, your prime targets should be Military Soldiers, Military Spies, and the Magma Admiral, who may drop the coveted Magma Ore.

Your next destination to acquire Magma Ore in Blox Fruits should be the uniquely named Hot and Cold island, nestled ahead of the Green Zone and the Kingdom of Rose in the Second Sea. To maximize your chances of obtaining Magma Ore, it’s crucial to position yourself on the hot side of the island. Here, your main adversaries to vanquish will be the Magma Ninjas and the Lava Pirates, with the latter reported to have a relatively higher drop rate for Magma Ore.

Grinding Strategy

When it comes to efficient strategies to get Magma Ore, a solid recommendation is to focus your efforts on the First Sea. Despite having two potential locations to get Magma Ore, the First Sea stands out due to its superior drop rate and the relatively lower difficulty level of the NPCs you encounter there.

Magma Ore Usage

Now that we’ve covered how to get Magma Ore in Blox Fruits, let’s delve into its utility. Magma Ore serves a crucial role in upgrading your arsenal of weapons. A variety of swords such as the Bisento, Dark Blade, Rengoku, Saber, Trident, and Warden’s Sword, can be significantly enhanced with the help of Magma Ore, among other required materials.

Magma Ore is also integral to upgrading guns in Blox Fruits. Bazooka, Bizarre Rifle, Cannon, Flintlock, Refined Flintlock, and Soul Guitar are just some of the firearms that can be bolstered using Magma Ore.

More importantly, Magma Ore forms a crucial part of the requirements for learning Godhuman, a unique skill in Blox Fruits. Alongside other materials like FishTail, DragonScale, MysticDroplet, MoneyIcon, and FragmentIcon, Magma Ore could bring you closer to this milestone.

It’s worth noting that even though Magma Ore is classified as a common material in Blox Fruits, it’s widely considered as one of the most difficult to obtain. This mainly stems from the fact that only five NPCs drop Magma Ore, and it’s not available in the Third Sea. So, mastering the art of obtaining Magma Ore from the First and Second Seas could significantly boost your progress in the game.

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