How to get Mastery Fast in Blox Fruits

How to get Mastery Fast in Blox Fruits

Getting Blox Fruits Mastery is one of the most important things that you have to do. The reason is that getting a mastery will allow you to use stronger skills that will make you stronger and speed up your progression. There are a lot of different ways to get mastery but in this guide, you will find the most efficient ways to get mastery in Blox Fruits. Let’s dive in and unlock the full potential of your character.

Bosses in Blox Fruits

In the world of Blox Fruits, grinding bosses is a surefire way to rack up XP and mastery points. Regardless of your current rank, battling the highest-level bosses you can find will provide a significant boost to your mastery.

To optimize your time and effort, focus on two or three bosses with the highest level that you can fight. Taking on these formidable opponents will bring in the most rewards and help you progress quickly.

Server Hopping for Better Results

One of the tricks for efficient boss grinding is server hopping. By killing a boss and then hopping to another server, you can maximize your gains in a short amount of time. However, this approach is best suited for players with a strong Wi-Fi connection and computer. If you’re like me and struggle with connectivity, don’t worry; there’s another method just for you!

Quests and NPC Grinding in Blox Fruits

Quests and NPCs

While it may seem less glamorous, grinding quests and NPCs is another incredibly effective method for leveling up your mastery. This approach allows you to simultaneously make money, gain levels, and increase your mastery.

Target High-Level NPCs

The key to success in this method is to focus on the highest-level NPCs that you can fight. By grinding these opponents, you’ll quickly improve your mastery. You can max out your best fighting style in one day using this method. 

Why Mastery Matters in Blox Fruits

You might wonder why it’s so important to grind mastery in Blox Fruits. There are several reasons, such as unlocking new abilities like Death Step or Dragon Talent or preparing for the release of new content like Superhuman D2. No matter your motivation, having a high mastery level will enable you to enjoy the game to its fullest.


By using these two methods, you can rapidly increase your mastery and become a formidable player in the Blox Fruits universe. Feel free to switch between boss grinding and NPC grinding, or stick to the one that suits you best. With persistence and determination, you’ll soon reach your mastery goals and be ready to take on whatever challenges the game has in store.

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