How To Get MAX Bounty/Honor in Blox Fruits

How To Get MAX Bounty/Honor in Blox Fruits

Getting Bounty/Honor on the max level is an extremely long and hard process. A lot of players get bored after some time. So in this guide we will explain all you need to know about getting Bounty/Honor in Blox Fruits and what is the most efficient way. Do not forget to check out all Blox Fruits codes and Blox Fruits tier list so you can know what fruits are the best.

Bounty From PVP

In Blox Fruits, mastering the art of Player vs. Player (PVP) combat is crucial to reaching Max Bounty/Honor 30m. While it’s true that you can earn a Bounty by defeating NPCs and bosses, these methods have their limitations. For instance, normal NPC Bounty caps at 250k, and the boss Bounty at 2.5 million. After that, your primary means of earning more Bounty is through PVP. So, let’s get started with some game-changing PVP tips and tricks!

Maximize Your Performance

Before we dive into the strategies to improve your PVP skills, let’s discuss how to enhance the technical aspects of your gameplay. The two key factors to consider here are ping and frames per second (FPS). High ping can cause your game to lag, while low FPS can make your game less smooth.

To improve your ping, join a server from your region. For example, if you’re from Europe, connect to a server in Germany rather than the United States. As for FPS, you can use fast mode, especially if you’re playing on mobile. This setting puts less stress on your device and increases your FPS. Furthermore, adjusting your graphics settings to three or four bars can also help boost your FPS without sacrificing too much visual quality.

Max Out Stats, Level, and Master One-Shot Combos

Now that we’ve covered the technical side of things let’s focus on improving your actual PVP skills. First and foremost, make sure you have maxed out stats and levels. Most players you’ll encounter in PVP will likely have maxed-out stats, so this will help you stay competitive.

Next, it’s essential to learn One-Shot combos. Even if your aim and skills aren’t top-notch, mastering a One-Shot combo can be a game-changer, allowing you to defeat enemies without breaking a sweat. There are plenty of combos available, so experiment and find one that suits your playstyle and in-game items.

Recommended Fruits, Fighting Styles, and Weapons

In Blox Fruits, your choice of fruits, fighting styles, and weapons can significantly impact your PVP performance. Some of the best fruits for PVP include Doe, Venom, and Dark, among others. Of course, there are other great fruits for PVP, but these are generally considered the most effective.

As for fighting styles, God Human is a popular choice. However, for combos, you can also use other styles like Dragon Talon and Superhuman. When it comes to weapons, the Cursed Dual Katana Pole Second Form or the Dark Blade are excellent sword choices if you can afford them. For guns, consider the Acidum Rifle, Serpent Bow, or Soul Guitar.

Don’t underestimate the power of the Cyborg race in PVP. Although it’s challenging to obtain, it’s perfect for canceling enemy combos and excels against teamers.


With these tips and tricks in hand, you’re now equipped to reach Max Bounty/Honor in Blox Fruits faster and more efficiently. Remember to focus on improving both the technical aspects of your gameplay and your PVP skills. Experiment with different fruits, fighting styles, and weapons to find the perfect combination for your play style. Stay aggressive, and don’t be afraid to server hop when necessary.

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