How to get Observation Haki/Instinct in Blox Fruits

How to get Observation Haki Instinct in Blox Fruits

Hey there, Blox Fruits enthusiasts! Have you ever wondered how you could elevate your game by unlocking the exciting ability of Observation Haki, also known as Instinct? If yes, you’re in luck.

This handy guide aims to show you exactly how to do that. ‘Observation Haki Blox Fruits’ has become a popular search recently, and it’s not surprising considering the edge it gives players. So, let’s dive in, and take your Blox Fruits gaming experience to new heights!

Prerequisites for Starting the Quest

Before you set out on this thrilling quest, there are a few requirements you need to fulfill. Like in any game, the path to greatness in Blox Fruits starts with leveling up. You need to be at least a level 300 player, not a small feat, I must admit, but hey, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, right?

Plus, it’s always good to have something to work towards. Now, once you’ve reached level 300, you need to have a nice stash of at least 750,000 Beli, the in-game currency, ready. Also, you must have defeated the Saber Expert at least once.

So, make sure you put your sword fighting skills to the test. Only when you’ve managed to do all this will you be ready to embark on the journey to unlock Observation Haki.

This is where the real adventure begins. To start off, locate the starter Pirate Island and head past the jungle. Now, your destination is the Sky Islands. It’s not as far fetched as it sounds. These islands are high up in the air, so they’re pretty easy to spot.

On your way, there’s a hole you need to drop down into. Don’t worry, it won’t lead you to the center of the earth, but to a cloud. From there, you’ll end up in a specific location.

The Temple and the Instinct Teacher

Instinct Teacher

Having made your way through the exciting landscapes of Blox Fruits and the cloud journey, you’ll notice a massive tree trunk-like line leading up to a majestic temple. And let me tell you, this temple isn’t just for aesthetics, it’s the beacon leading you to your desired ‘Observation Haki’.

Upon reaching the top of the temple, you’ll meet a character that goes by the name ‘Instinct teacher’. Don’t let the grandeur of the temple overshadow this important figure. Remember, this is the individual who holds the key to your power, Observation Haki.

Learning and Leveling up the Observation Hockey Skill:

So, you’ve met the Instinct teacher and have enough Beli to buy the ‘Observation Haki’ skill, what next? Well, in the world of Blox Fruits, power isn’t just handed over. It needs to be honed and enhanced, and this principle applies to the ‘Observation Haki’ ability too.

Initially, the skill isn’t as powerful as you might imagine, but don’t let that discourage you. Blox Fruits is all about progression and growth. With a bit of practice dodging NPC attacks, you’ll be on your way to improving this ability. Think of it as a gym workout for your Observation Haki.

As you progress, your Observation Haki ability gets stronger and more effective, kind of like leveling up in the game itself. Once you reach the third C, you can level up your Observation Haki even further. Remember, practice makes perfect in Blox Fruits!

The Instinct Ability

Now that we’ve covered the leveling up process, let’s talk about the ‘Instinct’ ability. This handy ability allows you to dodge enemy attacks automatically.

There are more perks to this power too. With Instinct, you can see enemies through walls, and even their health and energy bars. This essentially gives you an eagle-eye perspective in the game, enhancing your strategy and survival rate.

There is a dodge limit, but worry not, it can be increased as you level up the ability. Just remember, gaining experience for Instinct can be challenging, as it can only be obtained by dodging enemy attacks. So, get ready for some high-adrenaline action!

Learning the Instinct Ability

Once you’ve fulfilled all the necessary conditions and reached the Sky Islands’ top, the final step awaits. Interact with the Instinct teacher in the temple, and voila, you’ve learned the Instinct ability! However, do keep in mind, if you’ve missed any of the prerequisites, you won’t be able to unlock this ability.

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