How to Get the Dark Coat in Blox Fruits

How to Get the Dark Coat in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is a popular online game that captures the imagination of its players with a host of exciting and unique features. An integral part of the game revolves around upgrading your character for better gameplay and advancement.

Among the numerous mystical accessories within the game, the Dark Coat stands out for its impressive benefits and cool aesthetic. As a player, mastering the process to get the Dark Coat in Blox Fruits can significantly influence your game’s progress and enjoyment.

Overview of the Dark Coat

The Dark Coat isn’t merely an accessory in the Blox Fruits game universe; it’s a symbol of achievement. Sporting a formidable and cool-looking appearance, the Dark Coat is a mystical accessory that every player covets. Earned after a series of challenges, when a player obtains the Dark Coat, they’re awarded the respected title of Wicked Captain, a testament to their hard-earned triumph.

Apart from its aesthetic allure, the Dark Coat brings tangible benefits to your character. As soon as you don it, you instantly get an increase in Energy and Health stats by 600 points each. It also adds a remarkable +15% damage to Fruit users, making it an ideal accessory for players whose characters are Fruit mains. Adding to its charm is the fact that pairing it with a pale scarf could further enhance your character’s sword damage, bolstering your overall gameplay.

How to get Dark Coat

The journey to get the Dark Coat in Blox Fruits starts with obtaining the Fist of Darkness. This item can be found either as a drop from the formidable Sea Beast or in the chests that spawn every four hours in the Second Sea.

However, the Fist of Darkness presents its own set of challenges, as it cannot be stored in the player’s backpack, adding a level of risk to the quest. In case of a player’s death, the Fist of Darkness is lost, prompting the player to retrieve it again.

Once the Fist of Darkness is obtained, your next destination is the Dark Arena located in the Second Sea. Here, you’ll find an altar which, when activated with the Fist of Darkness, initiates a gruelling challenge: summoning Darkbeard, the level 1,000 Raid Boss. This action propels the game forward, bringing you one step closer to obtaining the Dark Coat.

Victory against Darkbeard is the final barrier to the coveted Dark Coat. Engaging with Darkbeard in a battle isn’t just about showcasing your fighting prowess; it also rewards you with significant gains.

If you manage to defeat Darkbeard, you’ll earn 1,500 Fragments, a single Dark Fragment, and an increase of three levels. However, the most exciting reward is the 2% chance of unlocking the Dark Coat itself. Depending on your luck, you may have to face Darkbeard multiple times before you get the Dark Coat in Blox Fruits.

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