How to Get the Shanks Saber in Blox Fruits 2024

How to Get the Shanks Saber in Blox Fruits

Shanks Saber is a powerful weapon in Blox Fruits that boasts unique features and a sleek appearance. This guide will help you navigate through the game and acquire the Shanks Saber, but keep in mind that you need to be at least level 200 to obtain this weapon.

If you are struggling to find it and you need a visual guide then you can always watch some youtube guides. There are plenty of them that explain extremely well what you have to do. Also do not forget to check out the list of best Blox Fruits fighting styles and redeem all Blox Fruits codes

How to Get the Shanks Saber

How to Get the Shanks Saber

Uncovering Button Locations

The first step to acquiring the Shanks Saber is locating a series of hidden buttons scattered throughout the jungle. Don’t worry; I’m here to help you find them!

  • Finding Button 1: Start your quest by locating the Box Shoots Dealer. Close by, you’ll find the first button on a tree near some gorillas. Give it a touch, and you’re ready for the next one.
  • Finding Button 2: From Button 1, head over to the nearby area where you’ll find the second button on the ground. Click it and then quickly move on to the next one.
  • Finding Button 3: The third button is easy to spot – it’s right next to the Block Shoots Cousin! Click it and continue with your search.
  • Finding Button 4: The final button is hidden near a bush beside a monkey and a cat. Click it, and you’ll complete this part of the quest.

Solving the Riddle

Solving the Riddle

After activating all four buttons, you’ll need to find a hidden staircase near the Adventurer. Descend the stairs and navigate through a secret passage. Here, you’ll need to solve a riddle and obtain a torch to progress further. Remember, solving riddles is all part of the fun in Blox Fruits!

Desert Island: The Hidden House

Desert Island: The Hidden House

Once you’ve acquired the torch, you’ll need to head over to Desert Island. I highly recommend using the light fruit for faster travel. On the island, locate a small house that seems to be buried in the sand. Inside, you’ll find another riddle that will lead you to a mysterious cup.

Arctic Frozen Village

Now it’s time to travel to the Arctic Frozen Village, where you’ll find a leaking icicle. Carefully fill the cup with water from the icicle, and you’ll be one step closer to obtaining the Shanks Saber in Blox Fruits.

Aiding the Sick Man

With the cup full of water, make your way to a house in the Frozen Village where a sick man resides. Offer him the water, and he will express his gratitude by asking you to meet his son at Pilot Village.

Pilot Village Adventure

In Pilot Village, you’ll encounter a rich man who needs your help. He will inform you that he’s been robbed and request that you defeat the mob leader responsible for the crime. Accept the challenge and embark on a new quest!

Defeating the Mob Leader

To defeat the mob leader, locate a tiny island with a cave. Inside, you’ll face the formidable mob leader. Show him no mercy and reclaim the stolen items for the rich man in Pilot Village.

Returning the Relic

After defeating the mob leader, return to the rich man in Pilot Village. He will reward you with a precious Relic for your efforts. With the Relic in your possession, it’s time to head back to the Jungle and continue your quest for the Shanks Saber.

Unlocking the Boss Door

Once you return to the Jungle, make your way to the Box Shoots Dealer. With the Relic in hand, you’ll be able to open a previously inaccessible door, leading you to the final boss.

Defeating the Sabo Expert Boss

The final challenge awaits you in the secret area, where you’ll face the Sabo Expert boss. This adversary is a formidable level 200 foe, so be prepared for an intense battle. Defeat the Sabo Expert, and you’ll finally be rewarded with the elusive Shanks Saber!

Congratulations! You’ve successfully obtained the Shanks Saber! Now, all that’s left is to equip this powerful weapon and unleash its full potential in Blox Fruits. The journey may have been challenging, but the result is undoubtedly worth it. You’ve now got an impressive weapon that will surely strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.

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