How To Start A Raid In Blox Fruits

How To Start A Raid In Blox Fruits

In the intricate world of Blox Fruits, raiding has emerged as an essential gameplay mechanism, closely tied with the concept of awakening Fruits. For those diving into this feature for the first time, the process might seem daunting. This guide aims to demystify the steps, offering clear insights into both basic and advanced raids. Let’s embark on this journey.


To dive into the world of raiding in Blox Fruits, there are certain initial steps every player should be aware of. First and foremost, you should have achieved at least level 1,100. This level not only reflects your expertise but also ensures you are equipped for the challenges ahead.

For those new to the Blox Fruits, a vital piece of information is knowing where the raid location is. But fret not, as the game offers guidance for locating these zones, allowing even newcomers to navigate their way smoothly.

The Lab and the Special Microchip

Before initiating a raid in Blox Fruits, you’d want to orient yourself with a particular spot known as the lab. Once inside, you’ll find it dotted with four distinct white areas or objects. Now, here’s where things get intriguing. A specific code needs to be punched in – a sequence that goes red, blue, green, and blue. Get it right, and you’ll notice a small window spring to life.

It’s not just for show; you’ll need to climb up to reach this window. Here lies the gateway to acquiring the Special Microchip – the golden ticket to your raiding adventures. A transaction is in order, though. You can either part with 100,000 belly or offer a specific fruit. Once done, the Mysterious Scientist will hand you this microchip, the key to your upcoming escapades.

Starting a Basic Raid

Now, holding the Special Microchip in your virtual hands, you’re almost ready. But first, a bit of clarity. This chip is paramount when you’re eyeing Basic Raids. Before you jump into the action, ensure you’re in the right teleportation zone. If you’re near dark blue tubes, you’re set for the Second Sea area, while those on yellow platforms get whisked away to the Third Sea area.

Though level 1,100 is recommended, it’s not an absolute barrier. Brave souls below this level can still embark on a Basic Raid, but they should be prepared for a tougher challenge. You have options when acquiring the microchip: either pay using Money, which comes with a 2-hour cooldown, or trade a physical fruit, which has no waiting period.

A point to remember is the player cap – only four players can dive into the raid simultaneously. Your raiding options aren’t infinite. Choose from Flame, Ice, Sand, Dark, Light, Magma, Quake, Buddha, Spider, and Rumble.

Starting a Advanced Raids

For those seeking heightened thrills, Advanced Raids beckon. Unlike the Basic Raids in Blox Fruits, here, the entry chip comes at a steeper price. You could either shell out Fragment 1,000 or offer a physical fruit that’s valued over moeny 1,000,000. A little tip for the uninitiated: the Quake fruit, given its commonality as a Legendary fruit, is often a good pick for initiating Advanced Raids.

The Raiding Experience

With preparations behind you, it’s time to immerse in the actual raid. Here are some steps and nuances you shouldn’t miss. Post climbing to reach the window, you’ll need to either hand over the fruit or interact with a specific instrument.

Once done, make sure you select the “normal” option. Subsequently, you’ll be given the liberty to choose your raid location. Should you find yourself in a dilemma, perhaps “flame” might be a good starting point.

The Special Microchip isn’t just for show; its utilization is central to the raiding process. In the blue zone of the lab, you have the choice to equip or unequip it. Once you’re set, and have ensured all items are unequipped, head to the green button. Pressing it is your final step, setting the wheels of the raid loading process into motion.

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