How to Summon a Sea Beast in Blox Fruits

How to Summon a Sea Beast in Blox Fruits

In the fascinating world of Blox Fruits, there’s a mini-boss character that has captured the imagination of players worldwide – the Sea Beast. This formidable creature is immune to M1 attacks, meaning you’ll need to bring your best special moves to the fore if you want to defeat it. Today, we’ll guide you through the process of summoning a Sea Beast in Blox Fruits, a task that is as rewarding as it is challenging.

Venturing the Second and Third Seas of Blox Fruits, you may come across the Sea Beast randomly. If you can defeat it, the beast offers various rewards including Beli, Fragments, Exp, and special items. Due to the lucrative gains on offer, hunting the Sea Beast in Blox Fruits has become a popular pastime for many players.

Obtaining the Sea Beast Tool

Before you can summon a Sea Beast, there’s a significant hurdle you must first overcome – reaching a bounty or honor score of 10 million. This is no mean feat, but it’s well worth it. Once you achieve this, you’ll receive the Sea Beast tool, a key item in the summoning process. You’ll also keep this tool even if you switch factions after achieving the goal.

The Process of Summoning a Sea Beast

Now that you’ve got the Sea Beast tool, how do you summon a sea beast in Blox Fruits? First, ensure you’re part of a faction. You can’t summon a sea beast without this affiliation. With your faction membership and 10 million points amassed, you’re primed to receive the Summon Sea Beast ability.

This nifty ability will appear in your quick time bar inventory, ready for activation through a specific keybinding. Summoning must occur at a sea-side location, which means picking your spot strategically.

Specifications about Summoning Sea Beast

Summoning a sea beast in Blox Fruits does come with a few guidelines. You can only summon your sea beast in the Second or Third Seas. Moreover, although you can summon up to 3 Sea Beasts at once, there’s an 18-second cooldown period between each summon.

Don’t worry about the sea beast causing havoc among your allies, as it’s friendly to the summoner and their faction mates. You can even utilize your sea beast in battles and raids to get an upper hand. But remember, your sea beast isn’t invincible, so make sure to protect it during fights.

While the power of having a sea beast at your side is tempting, it’s worth noting a few limitations. Unlike the sea beasts you stumble upon in the game, summoned sea beasts don’t drop any rewards. Plus, you won’t receive any additional rewards from raids when you use your summoned sea beast. These are nuances worth considering before you proceed with the summoning process.

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