Blox Fruits Leopard Fruit Guide, Tier and Combos

Blox Fruits Leopard



Money: 5M
Robux: 3,000


Stock Chance: 0.4%
Spawn Chance: 0.25%

Tier Rating: S+

Leopard Icon:

Blox Fruits Leopard Icon

Leopard is a Mythical Beast-type fruit introduced in Blox Fruits update 17. It is quite expensive and hard fruit to get. It cost $5 million, or 3000 Robux, and only has a 0.4% chance of being in stock. If you are planning to farm Leopard fruit you will need a lot of luck on your side because the drop chance is 0.25%.

Currently, the Blox Fruits Leopard fruit is one of the strongest fruits that players use. It will transform players into leopards that will give them access to various unique abilities. These abilities will deal insanely high damage, ability to run faster and players can detect enemies from distance. It is 100% worth purchasing or farming Leopard because tier s fruit when you compare it to other types.

Check out the Blox Fruits tier list if you want to see how good other fruits are, and do not forget to redeem all codes for free rewards.

Blox Fruits Leopard Moveset

MoveKeybindMas Requirement
Finger RevolverZ1
Spiralling KickX50
Afterimage AssaultC100
Body FlickerF200

Here is a list of all Leopard fruit moveset. There are untransformed and transformed movestes.

Blox Fruits Leopard Combos

What combo you will use depends on your Blox Fruits in-game situation, who you are fighting, and what you want to achieve. It is best to spend some time testing all possible combos, and by doing that, you will learn how to use what works best for you and also how to counter it. So go and test Leopard in a game.

These are the most common combos that players are using:

  • V + Z + X + F + C
  • F + C + Z + X

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