Blox Fruits Leveling Guide – How to level fast

Blox Fruits Leveling Guide

Leveling in Blox Fruits is one of the most important aspects of the game. Currently, there are 2300 levels that you can get and it will be an extremely time-consuming and long process. That is why we created this leveling guide so you can know what is the best and most efficient leveling process.

How fast you will get levels in Blox Fruits depends on a few factors like your skill level, do you spend money inside the game, how lucky you are, and other factors. But overall every one can get on max level by completing quests and destroying bosses.

There is a 2300 level and there will be more in the future so we will show you how you can level fast, tips and what things you have to do in Blox Fruits. 

Complete Quest 

Complete Quest 

There are a lot of quests in Blox Fruits and each one of them will give you a good amount of experience. So make sure that you take every quest that there is and try to complete it. Some of the quests have level requirements so if missing a few levels you can farm monsters nearby. 

Level in Right Zone 

Level in Right Zone 

There are a lot of different zones in Blox Fruits and each one of them has a requirement level. This means for example if you are in Prison Zone which is a 201 – 225 level zone you will not be able to accept and do quests if you are under that level requirement.

So always make sure that you are leveling in the right zone. If you are missing a few levels for the next zone but do not have quests in the current zone you can simply farm nearby monsters until you get the required level.

Here is the list of all zone and level requirement 

  • Starting Area: Levels 0-10
  • Jungle: Levels 11-30
  • Pirate Village: Levels 31-60
  • Desert: Levels 61-65
  • Frozen Land: Levels 66-120
  • Marine Fortress: Levels 121-150
  • Skylands: Levels 151-200
  • Prison: Levels 201-225
  • Colosseum: Levels 226-300
  • Frozen Land: Levels 301-350
  • Volcano: Levels 351-425
  • Underwater City: Levels 426-450
  • Skylands: Levels 451-625
  • Fountain City: Levels 626-750

Additional Tips for Leveling Fast in Blox Fruits

Additional Tips for Leveling Fast in Blox Fruits

Here are some additional things that you can do in order to level fast in Blox Fruits:

Awakened Buddha fruit transformation- it will help you to attack enemies from distance and it is good against enemies that have enhancements. 

Use Auto Clicker software- It can be quite challenging to set up an auto Clicker if you have never used one before so make sure that you check other guides and youtube videos on how to set it up. 

Use Codes- Codes for Blox Fruits will definitely help you out with your leveling process because they will give you valuable experience boosts. So make sure that you redeem every single one of them if you want to level fast. 

Stats- It is best to have 60% stats in damage and 40% stats in defense. This is the best ratio to do as much damage as you can so you can level fast. With more stats in attack, you will deal more damage. 

Use Guns- guns are great when you want to collect NPC fast in one spot. So make sure that you use it but be careful not to pull too much because you will not be able to kill them. 

Change Islands- As we mentioned before you have to change islands as soon as you hit the required level. If you stay on the same island you will not get enough experience which will slow down your leveling process drastically.

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