Best Sword In Blox Fruits First Sea

Best Sword In Blox Fruits First Sea

As any seasoned player of Blox Fruits will tell you, a good weapon is indispensable when you’re charting your course through the turbulent seas. You’ll begin your adventure in the First Sea, a fantastic starting point teeming with an array of 14 formidable weapons.

And among these, one name invariably stands out: the Saber. Indeed, this legendary weapon earns the distinction of being the best sword in the First Sea.

Saber: The Best Sword in the First Sea

Saber The Best Sword in the First Sea

In the thrilling world of Blox Fruits, the Saber wields an impressive reputation. It’s not just an ordinary weapon; it’s a legendary sword that exudes power and versatility. This mighty blade not only shines in the initial stages of your journey but also retains its effectiveness well past the starting zone.

The Saber’s power is a force to be reckoned with when upgraded, allowing you to conquer formidable enemies across other seas. It’s an excellent choice whether you’re a fresh-faced adventurer or a seasoned veteran in Blox Fruits’ First Sea.

Unlocking the Saber

Obtaining the Saber is an epic quest in itself. This journey involves unraveling the mystery of the Saber Expert Puzzle, a series of tasks designed to test your mettle and skill. It starts with honing your skills to reach Mastery level 200 through fighting and questing—a must-have achievement under your belt.

The quest then leads you to the remote Jean-Luc Island, nestled southwest of Pirate Island. On this island, a conversation with the Sick Man will grant you a unique artifact: the Relic. From there, your journey will take you to Jungle Island, where you must locate a hidden gacha store and use the Relic to unlock a secret door.

Facing off against Shank, a formidable opponent, is the final task in the Saber Expert Puzzle. To even stand a chance, you must level up to 200 before challenging this formidable enemy. The reward for overcoming this obstacle? The legendary Saber, the best sword in Blox Fruits’ First Sea.

Soul Cane: An Alternative to the Saber

Not all players have the patience for the Saber’s lengthy questline, and that’s completely okay. For those looking for a quicker solution, the Soul Cane presents itself as an excellent alternative. This sturdy blade can be purchased for a reasonable price of $750,000 from a Living Skeleton in Magma Village. Though not quite matching the Saber’s legendary status, the Soul Cane still ranks as a respectable runner-up for the title of the best sword in the First Sea.

It’s important to note that purchasing the Soul Cane isn’t a mere whimsical decision—it requires significant in-game currency. Fortunately, by cleverly utilizing Blox Fruits codes, you can reap free currency rewards. This strategy can assist you in acquiring the necessary funds to add the Soul Cane to your arsenal.

Choosing Your Sword in the First Sea

The Saber undeniably reigns as the best sword in Blox Fruits’ First Sea. Yet, the choice ultimately depends on your play style and in-game objectives. While the Soul Cane may not wield the Saber’s formidable power, it offers a quicker route to possessing a strong weapon.

Remember, as a beginner, it’s beneficial to focus on acquiring one reliable sword before venturing into multiple weapons. Whichever blade you choose, the First Sea awaits your daring exploits! Whether you’re a Saber wielder or a Soul Cane carrier, your adventure in Blox Fruits’ First Sea promises to be unforgettable.

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