Brawl Stars Full Beginner's Guide

Brawl Stars Full Beginner’s Guide

You must have heard all the buzz around Brawl stars or about the online battle arena games and stumbled upon Brawl stars. Playing online battle arena games is enthralling and made to give you an adrenaline rush! 

If you have been meaning to learn the game Brawl stars, you are at the right place. Brawl stars are packed with adventure, challenges, and endless fun. If you think you are up for some adventure, Brawl stars is your game. 

Do you want to learn Brawl stars and become a pro in no time? Read this Brawl Stars full beginner’s guide to learn everything. Some tips will be waiting for you towards the end of the article. 

Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a mobile top-down shooter game where players fight against each other to reach an objective. The players can choose the objectives by choosing modes in the game. 

The players have an option of choosing different brawlers, these are the characters of the games, and you can control them with on-screen joysticks in a game match. 

Supercell released the game globally on December 12, 2018. 

The game has AI opponents in multiplayer mode. 

Who Are Brawlers?

The brawlers are the main players of the game. Each player or character has unique capabilities, and these brawlers, together, help in combating collectively. 

As a beginner, the first thing that you should do is to acquaint yourself with each Brawler and their unique abilities. Categorize each Brawler with the help of their strengths and weaknesses. By doing this, you will be able to make the best use of each of them. 

Some brawlers have immense strength; therefore, they are heavy hitters. You can put them up close with the enemies, and they will give a tough fight. Some of the brawlers with immense strength are El Primo, Bull, and Frank. 

Then some players do not possess strength; however, they are skilled to attack from a distance. Some examples of such players are Colt, Barley, and Brock. 

What you should understand from learning about each Brawler is that the combination of these brawlers can give the best and the toughest fights. 

The heavy hitters can start conquering while players like Colt, Barley, and Brock cover them. Therefore, the first step into learning to play Brawl stars is to learn how to make the best use of the Brawlers. 

Brawlers Make Or Break the Game

Gaming Experts say that the better knowledge you have of your brawlers, the better you can fight with the opponents as you can understand the opponents’ brawlers. Hence, it all boils down to learning and playing more to gain experience to give tough fights. 

As you start winning, you get to unlock new brawlers in the game. Using the gems, you can buy the brawlers in the game from the shop. Each of these brawlers has different levels. They get stronger with each level and with the number of times you use them. In addition, the more trophies you win, the more brawlers you get. 

Hence, learning about the brawlers is the key to being good at this game. They make or break the game.

How To Play Brawl Stars?

To learn Brawl stars, there are various aspects that you need to understand before you start playing. However, do not worry; they aren’t complex but just a few rules and elements of the game. 

Listed below are some of the elements of the game that shine a light on how to play Brawl Stars. 

Keys Factors To Remember

The gameplay requires three key factors to win the battles. They are as follows:

  • Movement: Practice your movements; this is especially helpful as you get deeper into the game. For example, you cannot move straight on a battlefield; your movement should be zig-zag. Another example would be, shooting while moving. 
  • Positioning: In the game, you would notice that there are walls and bushes on the battlefield. So, if you are covering your partner, position yourself behind these. Understand when to move and when to position yourself behind the walls and bushes. 
  • Decision Making: Decision-making improves with experience and with the realization that your goal is to win and that you would need instant decisions in any circumstance. Hence, it is about deciding when to attack and how to attack and when to retreat. 


If you have played Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, you will understand the gameplay of Brawl stars. However, here is a glimpse into the key elements. 

  • Gems: Gems are the rarest to find. They are green in color. There are additional benefits to attaining gems, such as buying brawlers or any other thing from the shop. 
  • Star Points: Star points are pink in color. These can also be used in the shop. They are mostly used to buy new skins for the brawlers.
  • Coins: The coins are the easiest to find among the three. They are amber in color. You can use them to upgrade your brawlers. 


Are you in the mood for a different type of fight but not sure which model to choose? There are mainly five modes that you can choose from. Listed below are the modes:

  • Gem Grab: The objective is to claim and hold on to the gems. It is a 3 vs. 3 player mode
  • Showdown: You can choose between solos and duos
  • Bounty: The objective is to collect stars by eliminating the enemy. It is a 3 vs. 3 player mode
  • Heist: You have to protect your safe and try to break your opponent’s safe simultaneously. This is also a 3 vs. 3 player mode
  • Brawl Ball: This mode is soccer with guns


As promised, here are some of the tips for you to excel in the game. 

  1. Don’t fear showdowns with strangers
  2. Make friends, enhance your strategies and learn more
  3. Make the best use of the training arena
  4. Go for manual aim instead of auto-aim
  5. Use community maps to carry out your missions

Summing Up

Now that you know everything about Brawl stars, it is time to get started with it. All in all, remember that the key to win and give tough fights is practice. 

Play as many games as you can; this will improve your skills and increase the chances of winning significantly. You can always come back to this article to refer to the tips!

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