Chrono Legacy Best Heroes Tier List With Roles September 2022

Chrono Legacy Best Heroes Tier List

The Chrono Legacy Tier list will help you in selecting the most powerful heroes. Every hero in Chrono Legacy is useful for something, and it all depends on your team formation as to which hero you will invest in so that it has the best synergy with your team formation and gives you the best return on your investment, especially if you are a free to play player. You can also see which heroes are best suited to which roles.

This Chrono Legacy tier list is ideal for both new and experienced players. It will give you a good overview of the best Chrono Legacy heroes. Some of the ratings are debatable, but keep in mind that this list is created to help all players. Because there is no official data, there is no way to create a perfect tier list.

This Chrono Legacy tier list was generated using a high-end account with all heroes at maximum level.

We recommend that you use S-tier heroes as much as possible because they can carry the entire team on their own, but you should pair them with heroes who have good synergy.

After you’ve decided on the best heroes to use, you can use Chrono Legacy to redeem codes for free items that you can use to boost your best heroes.

Chrono Legacy Tier List

Hero Name Tier Role
Xerxes STank
Tutankhamun SAssassin
Richard SWarrior
Subutai SWarrior
Masamune SArcher
Tomyris SSupport
Joan of Arc ASupport
Alexander AWarrior
Leonidas BWarrior
Shajar al-DurrBAssassin
Queen of ShebaBArcher
Cleopatra BMage
Roland CTank
Zhuge Liang CMage
Asoka CSupport
Elizabeth CMage

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