GingerBrave Cookie Toppings Build and Guide Cookie Run Kingdom

GingerBrave Cookie Toppings Build and Guide

The main character of Cookie Run Kingdom, GingerBrave, has been a Common Cookie since the game’s release. He is the Charge kind, and the Front is given priority for his position. For gamers who are beginners at the game, GingerBrave can stabilize the majority of team combinations because he is a powerful DPS character, which is the main reason he is regarded as one of the finest Common Cookies generally.

He guides his buddies through the major plot of World Exploration, making him the game’s protagonist. He has been playable ever since his release, and you can see him on the loading screens and logo of Cookie Run Kingdom and other titles in the series.

Continue reading to learn about the best GingerBrave Cookies Toppings Builds and Skill. If you’re curious about the best toppings for other Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom, check out the Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide.

GingerBrave Cookie Toppings Builds

Any new gamer should use GingerBrave as their initial Cookie. In the early stages of the game, it is uncommon to find a Charge class Cookie that is much better than him; therefore, inexperienced players shouldn’t be hesitant to invest in him. In certain cases, GingerBrave may even defeat many Rare Cookies when combined with Solid Almond or Swift Chocolate Toppings.

Additionally, users ought to spend money on a Squishy Jelly Watch prize that has been maxed up. In the Cookie Run Kingdom, several goodies may be equipped using the three spaces displayed on the team choosing screen. The entire squad receives boosts from treasures, while Squishy Jelly Watch works to shorten the cooldown of cookies.

A fully 25 percent reduction in the cooldown of a cookie is possible with a maxed-out Squishy Jelly Watch. Since GingerBrave’s level improvements have already resulted in a somewhat high cooldown sub-stat, the 25 percent increase from the Squishy Jelly Watch lowers it to 6 seconds.

GingerBrave Cookie Skill

With the use of his Brave Dash ability, GingerBrave may charge ahead and do a lot of area damage to everyone in his way. Every so often, GingerBrave gets a Brave Buff from Magic Candy. The Brave Buff causes approaching barriers to be battered away. Brave Destruction Points are awarded for every obstacle removed. More Brave Destruction Points are gained when the charming power is greater.

At the most fundamental level, GingerBrave’s ATK power is 150 percent. A GingerBrave at level 60 will have a 7-second cooldown and a 222 percent DMG rating. The first step should always be upgrading because they make GingerBrave battle-ready and significantly increase his survivability, even if the impact on cooldown is minimal.

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