Knight Cookie Toppings Build and Guide Cookie Run Kingdom

Knight Cookie Toppings Build and Guide

Since its release in Cookie Run Kingdom, the Knight Cookie has been a Rare Cookie. He is a defensive type, and the Front is given priority for his position and job. Knight Cookie was present in the story of Tropical Soda Islands and played a key role as Princess Cookie’s retainer and bodyguard. Later, he makes an appearance in the tales of Hollyberry Palace and Grandberry Market.

Knight Cookie is a knight in sparkling armor, protected with steaming milk and armored with white chocolate. Gather a Blast Jelly, then watch him ride his faithful horse if you want to witness him at his fiercest. You can always rely on this loyal CookieCookie since he won’t let you down. If only he could use his words as freely as he uses his lance to convey his actual emotions.

Continue reading to learn about the best Knight Cookies Toppings Builds and Skill. If you’re curious about the best toppings for other Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom, check out the Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide.

Knight Cookie Toppings Builds

Depending on the situation, a full set of Hard Walnut toppings can prove to be useful for the Knight Cookie, as well as a full set of Solid Almond. The Hard Walnut Toppings build is used to increase a cookie’s defense, whereas Solid Almonds grant Cookies damage resistance. To simplify things a little, Walnuts solely increase a Cookie’s defensive numbers.

Based on the Cookie’s basic defensive number, it provides an extra percentage of defense. When toppings are added, a cookie’s base stat—which is DEF—increases by 10%, thus if walnuts give 10% DEF and the CookieCookie already has 1000 DEF, the toppings will give the CookieCookie 1100 DEF. Damage Resistance is a property of solid almonds that reduces the amount of harm a cookie will endure from all sources by a certain percentage.

Almonds provide 10% DMG Resist; therefore, if a Cookie suffers 1000 damage from a hit but gains 10% DMG Resist from almonds, the CookieCookie only receives 900 damage since the 10% damage reduction is subtracted. For this reason, Solid Almonds are undeniably superior. You will still use DMG Resistance to deal that set percentage of damage even if your defense is decreased. The additional defensive stat from the Hard Walnuts will, however, cease to be evident if an assault from another Cookie lowers your defense.

Knight Cookie Skill

Knight Cookie’s skill is known as Cavalry Charge, which allows him to charge ahead, doing area damage and compelling the foe to engage him in combat. After acquiring Blast Jellies and gaining Speed Points, Knight Cookie also becomes extremely quick.

For extra Speed Points, players must level up. The Knight Cookie enters Blast Mode periodically and gains Speed Points by gathering Magic Candies. More Speed Points are awarded to you if the charming power is greater.

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