Kumiho Cookie Toppings Build and Guide Cookie Run Kingdom

Kumiho Cookie Toppings Build and Guide

The Epic Cookie Kumiho Cookie and her pet Fox Bead were both launched on September 26, 2016 in Cookie Run Kingdom. With all Bear Jellies, this Cookie has the capacity to score extra points when she transforms into a Cookie.

Players must do 9 double leaps before she changes into her Cookie form since when the game first starts, she will be running in her Fox form. She belongs to the Charge type, and her position is given priority in the front. The medium to dark-colored dough of the Kumiho Cookie has crimson undertones.

She is a medium-sized cookie and has fox-like, piercing crimson eyes with a sly look that is arched upward. Two white fox whiskers on either side of her crimson lips, which make a cheeky smile, complete the look.

Continue reading to learn about the best Kumiho Cookies Toppings Builds and Skill. If you’re curious about the best toppings for other Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom, check out the Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide.

Kumiho Cookie Toppings Builds

The five Solid Almond Toppings set is one of the greatest Kumiho Cookie Toppings construction sets in the Cookie Run Kingdom and is perfect for the majority of the cookies that are prioritized to be placed in the front of the squad since it increases the DMG resistance of the units.

Five Swift Chocolate Toppings having DMG Resist sub-stats are another set of Kumiho Cookie Toppings that may be used to increase Kumiho’s DMG Resistance and shorten her skill’s cooldown. You should adjust the proportion of these toppings based on the amount of damage you expect to sustain.

If avoiding death is your main goal, use two Solid Almond and three Swift Chocolate toppings. Five Searing Raspberry Toppings may be used to increase the DMG output that Kumiho Cookie produces.

Kumiho Cookie Skill

The Epic Charge Cookie Kumiho Cookie had a rocky beginning, but subsequent improvements have helped her regain power in the meta. The cunning nine-tailed fox has the ability to change into many forms. She battles in the shape of a cute marshmallow fox and changes into a cookie while her skill is in use.

She has a skill called the Somersault that allows her to change into a Cookie and captivate surrounding adversaries while doing area damage and depleting their defense. She then transforms back into a marshmallow fox and launches a powerful Fox Spirit Flame at up to five foes in close proximity.

Before she changes back into her fox shape, a clock will start to tick while she is in her cookie form. Every now and then, Mystic Fire Jellies, instead of Basic Jellies, are produced by her Magic Candy that lengthens her seduction time by slightly delaying the countdown.

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