How Long do Grenades Last in CS2?

How Long do Grenades in CS2

Grenades, they’re like bread and butter in this CS2. You gotta know your stuff here if you wanna get anywhere. Each player can lug around 4 types of grenades – Smoke, Flashbang, Molotov/Incendiary, HE, and Decoy. Understanding how long these bad boys last can seriously change how you play.

How Long do Grenades Last

Smoke Grenades: These are super clutch. You pop one, and bam, 20 seconds of smoke. But here’s a twist in CS2 – chuck a frag grenade into it, and you can sorta clear it up for a bit.

Flashbangs: Cost 200 bucks a pop. These things blind and deafen peeps for almost 5 seconds. There’s this crazy ringing sound too that messes with everyone caught in the blast.

Molotov/Incendiary: Both sides get these. They burn for 7 seconds. Walking into it after it’s been burning hurts more than if you’re there at the start. Pretty good for area denial or just being a pain to the other team.

HE Grenades: The game doesn’t really say how long these last, but they’re great for boom-boom, you know? Throw it right and you can really mess up the enemy’s day. Good for breaking up groups or just causing chaos.

Decoy Grenades: These are kinda the odd ones out. They last for 15 seconds, making all sorts of noise. They can fake out the other team, making them think you’re throwing other nades. Not super popular, but in the right hands, they can be pretty sneaky.

How to Use Grenades

Well, it’s all about getting the timing down. Like, knowing when to throw a flashbang can make a huge difference in CS2. Two well-timed flashbangs can totally turn a round. It’s all about practice and figuring out what works best in different situations.

And remember, this isn’t just about throwing stuff and hoping for the best. You gotta think about what you’re doing. Like, “Should I use a smoke here? Is now a good time for a Molotov?” That kind of thing.

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