How to Bind Grenades in CS2?

How to Bind Grenades in CS2

So you’re playing CS2 and you know those moments where you gotta throw a grenade real quick but you end up fumbling through your inventory like a clown? It’s like, you wanna throw a smoke, but oops, there’s a flashbang blinding your whole team.

Okay, first off, binds are dope because you hit one button and bam, you got the grenade you need. No more cycling through your whole arsenal and giving the other team a free shot. I used to do that, not fun. Lost so many rounds because I couldn’t get my grenades out fast enough.

Now, the real deal is when you’re rushing a site, right? You gotta be quick. Throw that smoke to block vision or a flashbang to blind the opponents. Every second is like gold in CS2. So, I set up these binds, and suddenly, I’m throwing grenades like it’s nobody’s business.

Quick Guide to Setting Up Binds in CS2

So, here’s the lowdown on setting binds in CS2. It’s pretty easy.

  • Flashbangs: Just type bind z “use weapon_flashbang” in the console. Z’s easy to reach, so you won’t be stretching your fingers mid-fight.
  • Smoke Grenades: Go with bind x “use weapon_smokegrenade”. X is right there, super handy.
  • HE Grenades: Use bind c “use weapon_hegrenade”.
  • Molotovs and Incendiary: Here, it’s bind v “use weapon_molotov;use weapon_incgrenade”. V’s a bit further, but for Molotovs, it’s worth it.

These are all near your movement keys, so you won’t be doing finger gymnastics in the middle of a gunfight.

Setting Up Binds: Console and Menu Stuff

Okay, let’s talk about how you actually put these binds into CS2 action.

Using the Console

  • Get to the Console: Hit the tilde key (~). It’s the one under the Escape key.
  • Type in the Commands: Just type those commands I mentioned earlier for each grenade.

Using the Game Settings

  • Head to Settings: Click the gear thing in the top left corner on the main menu.
  • Find Keyboard/Mouse Options: It’s in the settings. Click on “Keyboard/Mouse”.
  • Go to Weapon Keys: Scroll down till you find “Weapon Keys”. Here, you can set each grenade to a key you like.

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