How To See The Damage Dealt in Counter-Strike 2

How To See The Damage Dealt in Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) has changed up the game big time for fans of first-person shooters. It’s got a fresh vibe but still keeps some of the cool stuff people loved about CS:GO. One of the big deals here is seeing how much damage you’ve dished out, which CS2 does a bit differently than before.

End of the Round Damage Display

So, when a round ends in CS2, everyone’s trying to see how they did. The damage you’ve done shows up right under each player’s avatar on the “End of the Round” screen, glowing in green. Spot a “100” there? You nailed it – took someone out all by yourself. But CS2 doesn’t stop at just showing you a number.

Next to your damage, there might be something like “25 in 2” or “80 in 3”. That’s breaking down the damage and how many shots it took. And those skulls under names? They’re counting how many folks you’ve taken down that round.

Scoreboard Data in Counter-Strike 2

The scoreboard in CS2 is where the serious stats are. It’s loaded with info, but the game tells you to wait until the end for the full picture. That’s when you get the real juicy details on how you’ve been playing. But here’s a secret: there’s another layer to the scoreboard. This hidden part gives you even more – like how many enemies got blinded by your flashbangs.

But remember, CS2 isn’t just about who can rack up the most damage. It’s got strategy. Maybe you pulled off a smart move with smokes that won the round but didn’t up your damage stats. That’s why you can’t just look at damage numbers and think that’s the whole story.

It’s important, sure, for seeing how sharp your shooting is, but CS2 is deep. You’ve got to mix those damage numbers with the rest of your gameplay to get the full picture.

Knowing how much damage you’ve done isn’t just for bragging. It’s key for anyone who’s serious about getting better at CS2 and leaving their mark on the game.

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