Diablo 4 Avarice Guide: How To Defeat, Spawn Location and Loot

Diablo 4 Avarice Guide How To Defeat, Spawn Location and Loot

If you’re a fan of the Diablo series, you’re likely already acquainted with the monumental task that is engaging with a world boss. And if you’re gearing up for the release of Diablo 4, you’re probably anticipating one boss in particular – Avarice.

Avarice in Diablo 4, also known as ‘The Gold Cursed’, is a formidable world boss that challenges even the most seasoned players with its complex mechanics, staggering strength, and elusive spawn location. This guide is designed to equip you with the knowledge necessary to face this behemoth, unlock the treasures it holds, and master the thrilling world of Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 Avarice World Boss

Stepping foot in the world of Diablo 4 takes you on a journey through myriad regions, and introduces you to various bosses that test your skills and endurance. Avarice, one of three world bosses, is not directly tied to any quests, but its defeat is a sought-after achievement for many players.

This horned demon, armed with a giant mace, deals massive melee damage, tramples players with gold-colored portals, and summons a Treasure Goblin to the battlefield, transforming the arena into a challenging navigation puzzle.

Avarice Spawn Location

Avarice Spawn Location

Finding Avarice in Diablo 4 is an endeavor in itself. Unlike other bosses, Avarice does not have a fixed spawn location and can appear in different parts of the game. However, its most common location is the Seared Basin – a distinct area nestled in the northeast corner of the Kehjistan region.

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To make your task a bit easier, a unique timer surfaces when you’re close to Avarice, indicating the time remaining before the boss spawns. You should seize this time to prepare, strategize, and if possible, rally friends to join in the impending battle.

Avarice Mechanic

Avarice boasts a multitude of distinctive attacks, each inflicting substantial damage. Notable among these are its Chest Swing, Mallet Thrust, Mallet Slam, Cleave, Gold Vomit, Ground Stomp, and Portal Charge. Its Pillar ability is particularly unique, wherein it summons pillars to block player attacks, making the battlefield even more treacherous.

The combat against Avarice unfolds in several phases, each escalating in difficulty. When Avarice transitions into a new phase, the arrows on its health bar flip upside down, and its behavior changes. A unique feature of this boss fight is Avarice’s stagger mechanic.

By coordinating crowd control effects, players can fill the boss’s Stagger Bar, rendering Avarice immobilized for a short period and providing an opportune moment to deal heavy damage.

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How To Defeat Avarice in Diablo 4

How To Defeat Avarice in Diablo 4

Victory over Avarice requires a blend of skill, strategy, and camaraderie. You’re encouraged to join a group or a guild, ideally comprising at least 12 players. Soloing Avarice is possible, but it’s a considerable challenge, even for the most skilled players.

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Sticking close to Avarice and targeting its back-end, near its feet, can help evade most of its attacks. Use crowd control effects strategically to fill Avarice’s Stagger Bar and exploit this stagger time to deal high damage. Ignore the Treasure Goblins that Avarice spawns during this time – the rewards for defeating Avarice far surpass the gains from chasing after these goblins.

Equipping yourself with the best Diablo 4 weapons and builds significantly increases your chances of success. The battle with Avarice is a race against the clock – you have a mere 15 minutes to defeat the boss before it despawns.

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Avarice Loot

Surviving the battle and vanquishing Avarice rewards you with a pile of loot that includes gold, legendary and unique gear, and scattered prisms. These prisms can be used to add gem sockets to gear, significantly improving their stats. However, it’s important to retrieve your loot promptly. Any connection issues during or after the boss fight could result in the loss of your hard-earned rewards.

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