Diablo 4 Barbarian Arsenal System Guide

Diablo 4 Barbarian Arsenal System Guide

When it comes to Diablo 4, there’s an innovative feature specifically designed for the Barbarian class that allows it to stand apart – the Arsenal System. This unique mechanic allows Barbarians to simultaneously equip four weapons, catering to the class’s versatility and strategic gameplay. This comprehensive guide will delve into the nitty-gritty of the Diablo 4 Arsenal System and how it profoundly shapes the Barbarian gameplay.

Introduction to the Arsenal System

The Diablo 4 Arsenal System brings forth an unprecedented level of complexity and customization for the Barbarian class. This intricate system permits the simultaneous equipping of four distinct weapons, designed to complement the diverse skill set of this class.

The main driving force behind the Arsenal System is to allow Barbarians to arm themselves with two two-handed weapons along with two one-handed weapons, catering to various situational requirements in the game.

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Unlocking the Arsenal System

The Arsenal System unlocks its door when Barbarians achieve the milestone of level 5. Upon reaching this level, the Barbarian class gains the ability to harness the power of the Arsenal System, breathing new life into their gameplay. To tap into this system, players would need to either press Shift + C or open the inventory, revealing the four weapon slots at their disposal.

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Barbarian Weapon System

Barbarian Weapon System

The Diablo 4 Arsenal System boasts a comprehensive weapon system tailored to the Barbarian class. Dual-wielding one-handed weapons such as maces, axes, and swords, or bludgeoning your foes with two-handed weapons like hammers and maces or slicing them with two-handed axes, swords, and polearms; the Arsenal System has got you covered.

It’s crucial to equip the appropriate weapon to correspond with the skill being used. However, if a skill doesn’t demand a particular weapon, Barbarians can modify the weapon choice by pressing the middle mouse button.

The Diablo 4 Arsenal System intricately intertwines weapons with skills and playstyle. The right choice of weapon can drastically augment a Barbarian’s skills, making the class a force to reckon with.

More than just equipment, these weapons serve as pivotal modifiers and stat enhancers, influencing the DPS and damage stats. Everything from stun chances with bludgeoning weapons to burst damage with axes, the choice of weapon profoundly affects the Barbarian’s playstyle.

The Diablo 4 Arsenal System paves the way for a variety of unique Barbarian builds. Each build offers a distinct playstyle and class fantasy, enhancing the depth of the gameplay. With seven different weapon types that can be employed in the four slots, the Arsenal System fosters an array of playstyles, making each Barbarian build a unique blend of strategies.

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Swapping Weapons and the Skill Assignment Panel

Diablo 4

The Diablo 4 Arsenal System grants Barbarians the flexibility to swap weapons manually. Alternatively, skills can automatically switch to the necessary weapon upon activation. By pressing the “S” key or the “L3” on a gamepad, players can access the Skill Assignment Panel to manage weapon swapping effectively.

Expertise System in the Arsenal System

A pivotal aspect of the Diablo 4 Arsenal System is the Expertise System. Swapping weapons can confer bonuses linked to skill upgrades and passives, depending on the weapon type. Each weapon type has unique buffs that increase with kills using certain skills, rewarding the player for their proficiency and focus on specific builds.

Leveling Up the Arsenal System

Leveling up the Diablo 4 Arsenal System is an engaging process. It occurs naturally as players fight monsters and discover new weapons. However, weapon experience is only gained through PvE combat, with PvP being an exception. As you use different weapons and combat your enemies, all weapon types can reach Rank 10, offering a fixed bonus and improved stats.

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