Barbarian Double Swing Build Diablo 4

Barbarian Double Swing Build Diablo 4

Diablo 4 gaming enthusiasts, you’re in for a treat! Our focus today is on a uniquely powerful Barbarian Double Swing Build that has been designed to cause serious havoc in Diablo 4. This incredible build not only allows for high damage output against the mightiest foes, such as Elites and Bosses, but also comes with surprising survivability. Let’s delve into the mechanics, strategies, and subtleties of this fantastic Barbarian Double Swing Build in Diablo 4.

Main Features of the Build

This Barbarian Double Swing Build in Diablo 4 is characterized by some striking features. Notably, it specializes in taking down formidable single-target enemies, focusing its might on Elites and Bosses. The core strength of this build lies in its utilization of the enhanced Double Swing effect. It might seem sluggish at first glance, but don’t let this fool you! This build prizes survivability over mobility and can withstand several hits without faltering.

How does the Barbarian Double Swing Build work its magic? Well, the Double Swing refunds Fury cost when it’s used on stunned enemies, paving the way for the player to continuously apply Double Swing until the stun ends. This clever use of stunning is also supported by other skills like Ground Stomp and Bash that set the stage for easy combos.

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This build also taps into the War Cry and Wrath of the Berserker effects to gain Berserk, further ramping up the overall damage. But that’s not all! It leverages the natural defensive properties of skills like Iron Skin, War Cry, and Bash to gain Fortify. This, coupled with additional damage reduction and health regeneration from other aspects and passives, allows our Barbarian to stand his ground in the fiercest of battles.

Skill TreePoints
Lunging Strike1
Lunging Strike Enhanced1
Double Swing5
Enhanced Double Swing1
Violent Double Swing1
Ground Stomp1
Ground Stomp Enhanced1
Ground Stomp Tactical1
Rallying Cry5
Rallying Cry Enhanced1
Rallying Cry Tactical1
Challenging Shout5
Challenging Shout Enhanced1
Challenging Shout Tactical1
War Cry1
War Cry Enhanced1
War Cry Power1
Booming Voice3
Raid Leader3
Guttural Yell1
Aggressive Resistance1
Prolific Fury3
Pit Fighter3
No Mercy3
Thick Skin1
Wrath of the Berserker1
Wrath of the Berserker Prime1
Wrath of the BerserkerSupreme1
Heavy Handed3
Unbridled Rage1
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Advanced Techniques and Tactics

Here’s where things get really interesting with the Barbarian Double Swing Build in Diablo 4. Combat initiation can be carried out using Kick or Leap to start Berserk. Furthermore, you can pin enemies against walls using the sequence Kick > Leap > Kick. This strategy not only stuns your foes but also earns you a stack of Berserk.

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The challenge here is to maintain the Frenzy buff by alternating basic attacks with Double Swings. As your attack speed increases, the gap between basic attacks can be extended. Employ Call of the Ancients before Ground Stomp to cut down its cooldown time, and swap Leap with Charge to deal with control impairing effects more effectively.

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