Diablo 4 Battle Pass Guide: Rewards and Cost

Diablo 4 Battle Pass Guide Rewards and Cost

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Welcome to this all-encompassing guide to the Diablo 4 Battle Pass, a game mechanic that has been the talk of the gaming community. We’ll dive deep into this innovative feature and explore the rewards and costs associated with it. The Battle Pass has both a free and paid track and follows a seasonal model, a concept that brings an exciting twist to the Diablo 4 gaming experience.

Understanding Seasons in Diablo 4

Understanding Seasons in Diablo 4

Every year in the world of Diablo 4 is divided into four seasons, each lasting three months. Each season brings a unique theme and aesthetic, transforming the gameplay experience and providing a fresh set of challenges for players.

These challenges are not just for the thrill – they’re also part of the Season Journey, a set of tasks that players need to complete as part of the Battle Pass progression. Players have the freedom to choose which challenges to take on, thereby offering a tailored gaming experience. Season 1, set to begin in mid to late July, promises an exciting start to this journey.

Three Tiers of the Diablo 4 Battle Pass

Now let’s delve into the tiers of the Diablo 4 Battle Pass. The Battle Pass consists of three main tiers: the Free Tier, the Premium Tier, and the Accelerated Premium Tier. Each tier presents players with a different set of rewards and at varying costs. The Free Tier includes 27 reward tiers, whereas the Premium Tier adds 63 more, resulting in 90 rewards in total. I

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f you wish to jumpstart your journey, the Accelerated Premium Tier allows players to bypass the first 20 tiers of the Battle Pass. Each tier has its unique advantages and the choice ultimately depends on the player’s preference and commitment level.

Diablo 4 Battle Pass Rewards

Diablo 4 Battle Pass Rewards

There’s no Battle Pass without rewards and Diablo 4 does not disappoint in this aspect. Players are offered a variety of cosmetic rewards, Smoldering Ash, and premium currency. Cosmetic rewards range from armor sets, mounts, emotes, emblems, to titles, creating a visual feast for the players.

Smoldering Ash, a unique resource, can be used to activate Season Blessings, which provide various buffs to enhance gameplay. Players on the premium track also gain premium currency that can be used to purchase additional cosmetics from the in-game shop.

Progression and Completion of Battle Pass in Diablo 4

The journey through the Battle Pass involves completing objectives, gaining Favor, or even purchasing Battle Pass tier skips. Although a total of 80 hours of gameplay is typically required to complete the Battle Pass, it’s designed to not feel like a grind. Players have the flexibility to purchase the Battle Pass later in the season and still acquire any Premium Tier rewards they would have earned previously.

The more you delve into the game, the more you realize the importance of a resource known as “Favor”. This forms the backbone of the Battle Pass system in Diablo 4. Favor acts as an XP bar for the Battle Pass, earned by completing tasks on the Season Journey, slaying monsters, and participating in events.

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Role and Mechanism of Smoldering Ash in Diablo 4

Season Blessings

Smoldering Ash, integral to the Diablo 4 Battle Pass, is obtained through actual progression in the game and is tied to leveling. This currency, though exclusive to each season, can be used to purchase Season Blessings. These blessings offer XP boosts, Gold, and Obols, providing players with added benefits.

Costs of Diablo 4 Battle Pass

The Free Battle Pass does not incur any cost, but for those looking to up their game, the Premium Battle Pass costs around $10, and the Accelerated Premium Battle Pass is priced at $25.

There are additional options like bundle packages available through pre-orders, allowing players to get more value for their money. You can also purchase individual tier skips, and premium currency can be used to reduce the price of future Battle Passes.


The Diablo 4 Battle Pass system adds a fresh dimension to the game. With its rewards, challenges, and gameplay enhancements, it’s an exciting addition that many players will find engaging and worthwhile. Whether you’re a veteran of the Diablo series or a newcomer, the Battle Pass offers something for everyone.

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